Why You Should Hire Employees Outside the Field


When companies hire from within the field, they know more or less what to expect. Candidates have most likely gotten a standard education, may also have internships at different industries. So undoubtedly there is a high value and importance in hiring like-minded candidates with a guaranteed skillset.

But when it comes to hiring from outside the field, it can be a 50-50 chance that can and has paid in many cases paid off. Often introducing a new perspective into the mix creates the opportunities for many innovative approaches. In this era of the modern market where content is king, more and more companies are placing stock in people who are good at communicating and who understands the business processes well.

In fact, this year 2015, communication skills topped the list for qualities companies sought in candidates, according to the study conducted by Universalhunt.com.

Nowadays candidates are going beyond their comfort zone in order to land a job outside of the field. Because they have the confidence that they would be able to swim in the pool of new environment. Personality-based hiring has firmly gained more ground, with candidates who are able to convincingly share their previous experiences about how they tackled problems creatively gaining the upper hand.

Apart from the possibilities for variation offered by hiring outside of the field, there is a simple and practical fact is by widening the talent pool, there are higher chances for companies to find candidates to fill their seats with a varied expertise.

In today’s extremely competitive job market, the chances of finding someone with the ideal combination of education, experience, and willingness to accept low-ball compensation are really low. Although companies are worried about the money that would be wasted by hiring the wrong person can have the same adverse effects by pouring more time and resources into waiting for the perfect candidate.

You can surely find and hire someone with 6+ years experience in your field and candidates also would be able to work more efficiently. But if you’re looking for employees who don’t just grow with your company also able to build loyal relationships with, then candidates from outside the field may have the progressive and drive approach to learning that someone who has only worked in one field may not.

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