Recruitment is one of the most significant functions for any company as they seek competent professionals to fill up the right positions. Companies nowadays have been relying a lot upon on-campus recruitment to fill up the vacancies. This approach is relatively new but is one of the best ways to get the right resources for […]

As a part of the hiring regiment, many companies understand the necessity to create job descriptions, post them to various job boards, professional networking & social media platforms with the intention to get in front of a relevant talent pool. However, all this struggle to capture the awareness of top talent can easily go to […]


According to a new search by World Congress of Neurology, recruitment teams find it challenging to keep their HR managers within the hiring process when attracting talent. They surveyed about HR professionals from some of the UK’s biggest company recruiters and found that around a fifth which is 22% of organizations are struggling to identify […]

Who are recruitment consultants and what do they do? Recruitment Consultants are the intermediaries between companies seeking to recruit professionals and the professionals (candidates) seeking a career move. However, this process has endless variations and complications depending on the requirements of the companies and the skills & experience candidates possess. It is the responsibility of […]