Recruit, Engage, and Retain the Best Talent


According to a new search by World Congress of Neurology, recruitment teams find it challenging to keep their HR managers within the hiring process when attracting talent. They surveyed about HR professionals from some of the UK’s biggest company recruiters and found that around a fifth which is 22% of organizations are struggling to identify and engage with the talent.

The actual challenge lies in not only attracting and engaging the best talent but also able to retain that talent. People who are highly effective at both leadership and technical skills. But how do leaders make that happen? We have come across so many strategies in every area and increasing research has shown what is needed, but making that particular theory work and implement them has become the biggest challenge ever that company face. This article illustrates that answer.

A Supportive Culture

It involves creating healthy, innovative cultures and supportive and strong leaders. Make your employment brand as an essential part of your organization’s daily recruitment and talent acquisition processes.

Before your organization engages an extensive candidate pool, first you must develop a cohesive employment brand reflecting your vision for the future and long-term talent acquisition prospects. Employment branding should be viewed as a long term strategy, as the brand image your organization promotes today will influence candidates’ impression of your organization for years to come.

Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate Relationship Management plays an important role in candidate pipe-lining. This is the best practice of building and maintaining effective relationships with the candidates to keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process. An effective CRM program involves an on-going communication with both the passive and active candidates and strategic marketing communications targeted at certain demographics of a candidate pool.

Ultimately, what drives to an effective recruiting, engaging, and retaining the best talent you hire is a healthy organizational work culture and the focus of the higher management on people, their performance, careers and development.

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