UAE One of the Fastest Growing Economies


Rich cultural heritage touches an ultra-modern outlook in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where an incredible 80% of the manpower comes from the foreign land. The country offers unparalleled opportunities and hospitality to everyone, especially for foreigners. The moderate Islamic traditions and culture is the foundation of the country. The country attracts quite a number of international job seekers and entrepreneurs because of it’s tax-free zone. Opportunities exist all over this culturally-diverse country.

Growing trade and tourism have helped the country a lot to become one of the top six fastest growing cities in the world. UAE has pretty much developed as the conqueror and listed first in economic dynamism, 3rd in overall attractiveness and 4th in terms of providing quality life and cost of living.

60% expats consider excellent career prospects as a major common parameter, although more than 70% said that ever since they moved overseas their financial status of the households has improved. Another major factor for a fourth of the respondents is the “higher drawing potential“. More than 65% said they think they make a decent amount of money in the country when comparing to their domestic country.

No matter which industry or sector you work in, the most common and pretty easy way to get work in the UAE country is to be sponsored by the company or organization who you will work for.

Apart from the exciting work and career prospects the country also offers a taste of Arabic culture and a chance to explore the vibrant Middle Eastern society. A safe and delightful place for foreigners, it is considered as the no. 1 destination in terms of traveling around the Middle East and northern Africa.

As the country, UAE continues to grow and improves the quality of living more and more, no doubt we will see it becoming an increasingly popular and hot destination.

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