Social Recruiting 2017

The current trends in the recruitment industry are more likely pointing towards the use and high importance of social media in the recruitment process.

A recent survey by the shows that more than 70% of hiring managers are investing more in their company’s social media presence. Which is pointing towards the coming of age of recruitment industry and  also defines what seems to be a shift in what social recruiting is in 2017.

In the past couple of years, both the professionals and recruiters are utilizing the power of social media to building and connecting with the right people and communities.

But Where on Social Media?

The current trends in social media recruitment reinforce the idea that professionals have to be present on major social media channels like Facebook, Universalhunt & Twitter. At present a large proportion of job postings for professional positions or roles happens on Engagement in these channels represents that it is not only passive job seekers that you reach, but active recruitment activity is seen as fair by the communities using these normally very personal networks.

Social Recruiting 2017

According to the annual social media recruiting 2015 conducted by, the percentage of companies that depends on social networking platforms has increased up to 50% compared to previous year’s 40%. With percentages like these, you can be pretty much sure that social media has played a vital role in 2015 and will continue to grow in 2017.

Recruiting through social media increases better applications from fewer candidates reducing the time-to-hire and further increasing the quality of those professionals being assessed.   This de-clutters their application process and keeps them focused on quickly adding value to their business. Though recruiters get tens of thousands of applications, as companies will be having automated filtering systems it makes them easy to choose their best talent.

Social Media Recruiting 2017 from a Job Seekers Perspective

Most jobs will have necessary beyond the job specification, such as coming up with ideas that challenge “outside of the box thinking.” Applying for a job through professional networking platforms such as will give your profile a better chance of being seen.

Companies, even where technical abilities which require yielding to standards, will still look to see ‘what you are’ so being attentive and proactive on developing your online profile is really important.

Social Media Recruiting 2017 from a Recruiter’s Perspective

Nowadays many recruiters are using social media platforms to post jobs, a fruitful way to find passive and active job seekers. On the other side, receiving the application on these platforms can give a deeper understanding of the candidate beyond their skill set.

Social recruiting in 2017 will bring a significant change; possibly even blending social media directly with resumes and profiles all in one place in many more online places.

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