How Can HR Departments Simplify the Organizations


In this modern era, the employees of both large and small companies are learning new ways to work more efficiently, across multiple time zones, and through new technologies that are evolving much faster than most of us can keep up. Combining these facts with the changing expectations in our super-connected world and the ever growing complexity, it is no wonder we often feel surprised.

According to a recent survey by the HR dept. in, more than 75% of companies say that their companies are either “complex” or “very complex.” Despite all the tools and technology designed to help us manage our work more efficiently, we still feel that our companies are complex. Doesn’t it sound like a contradiction?

In this scenario, what Human Resources department can do their bit to help employees simplify their increasingly complicated work lives?

Here are a few tips:

1) Support Star Employees

You can start recruiting and retaining the best talent for your companies. Conventionally, companies have aimed at hiring the best talent but failed when to comes to retain that best talent and they go on to design complex process that manage to the lowest common denominator.

HR departments should encourage management process that support top performers, rather than focus on low-performing employees.

2) Let Leaders Involve

Executives and managers play vital roles in simplification efforts and they often act as role models in any company. For instance, leaders should constantly strive to encourage their employees to simplify in everything they do by consulting others and by asking the right questions.

3) Be the Champion

HR departments have the chance to become the vigilantes on behalf of their company. To make this happen, HR managers should always consider asking fundamental questions about company’s structure, existing policies, workplace planning etc, to get the work done.

As you shift your company’s mindset toward simplification, it is essential to remember that there is no such thing one size fits all. If you prioritize simplification, whilst assuring all consequent decisions fit with your company’s work culture and support your business objectives, you will certainly be able to find success.

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