Transform Your Profile into a Marketing Tool


Do you want to use your profile to market yourself more effectively? Have you thought beyond adding jobs and responsibilities? is one of leading global professional networking and career portal, but it does not mean you have to consider your profile as a boring resume. In this article, you will discover ways to turn your profile into a marketing tool that attracts potential employers.

Develop a Plan

B2B marketers say that relevance to the target audience is an essential aspect of any marketing program. This is not limited to just companies, but to marketing yourself as well. So when updating your profile, begin with mapping out how you are going to use every bit of your profile to showcase prospects you are relevant to them.

The below are the four ways on how you can transform your profile to market yourself:

1) Bold Headlines

You have probably seen a few profiles with headlines that simply mentions a current employment position. This is what one would expect to find on a resume, but we want to move away from the basic resume. So your profile should include a bold headline that make people want to keep reading.

2) Don’t Tell Stories

The experience section in the profile shouldn’t look like a boring laundry list of responsibilities. Write your experience in a way that is fascinating and shows prospects how you have helped your ex-employers tackle the same issues they were facing.

3) Include Case Studies

Recent studies show that 85% of B2B marketers evidence case studies as the most efficient form of content marketing, although it’s not common practice to share those on You can use both the projects and experience sections to share the case studies.

4) Social Links

Adding social links to your profile is a quick way to convey your expertise and relevance to prospects. It helps you stand out from the crowd. Thinking why? Because you are actually showing your skills abilities, and talents. This helps hiring managers visualize you in their company and starts to establish a sense of trust in you.

Rather than treating your profile as a traditional boring resume, make it interesting by making bold headlines about your expertise and backing them up with solid examples such as describing how you have helped companies in reaching their target, sharing a few case studies relevant to your prospects to underscore your abilities.

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