The Power of Networking


Networking is essential for a number of reasons. Whether you are looking for industry advice, seeking out contacts, or sneak a business partner, there is no better way than networking to achieve your goal. Networking a long ago has been recognized as a powerful tool for professionals and business people. Knowing more people gives you a greater access and facilitates the sharing of information. The creators of have built their empires to help professionals and business people build their networks and remain better connected than ever.

Options of Online Networking

On professional networking sites like, you can network with professionals across the globe, build awareness of your services and products, search for job opportunities, or look for professionals who might be qualified to fill a position in your organization. But these privileges of networking, while helpful to some extent depending on how robustly you use these networks, miss the spirit of what makes networking such a great tool for leaders and other highly prominent people.

Networking has advantages for everyone

The research on power and influence shows that people who are well networked are 2 times more influential than people who aren’t. But this power is based on the social capital they have grown in building relationships with the people in their network, and one cannot build capital with people by merely accepting or sending an invitation to connect on

Your network power depends on how strong your relationships are and on how attractive you are as a part of other peoples’ networks. For instance, if you are known as a reference of deep expertise, and people can rely on you for expert solutions you will be a more engaging network partner than someone who lacks that sort of expertise.

If you know other powerful and influential people and can reach them whenever you need to, you will be a more attractive network partner. Likewise, if you are in a place of authority in your company and can make everything happen, you will be a more valued network partner.

Ultimately, you will have more influence in your network with the people you know best such as long-time colleagues, close associates, and others with whom you have strengthened mutual trust and respect.

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