The major time-consuming part of applying for new roles or positions is the job search itself. Since it takes hours and hours for job seekers including passive candidates to scroll through the jobs list, constant networking with people, lookup for keywords, and much more. Though if you are unemployed, it is extremely difficult to find […]


There are a lot of reasons why a professional may choose to change their career like completely unhappy with their role, the company might be downsizing, etc. So whatever the situation is, it could be tricky to change careers since it involves a lot of efforts and complications. Here a few fundamental things to keep […]


Since the 1970s oil growth, the Gulf region has been one of the leading destinations for white-collar professionals from South Asia, with the effect that today Indians form a large percentage of the non-nationals living in the region. Certainly, almost 6 million out of an estimated 15 million people, the Indian community forms the biggest […]


Do you want to use your Universalhunt.com profile to market yourself more effectively? Have you thought beyond adding jobs and responsibilities? Universalhunt.com is one of leading global professional networking and career portal, but it does not mean you have to consider your profile as a boring resume. In this article, you will discover ways to […]


Thinking why technology does matter when acquiring talent? Well, talent acquisition is not just a new term for selection and hiring, but a bit more specific description of the new thought in recruitment. Talent acquisition is a tremendous undertaking and it has great standards in processing job aspirants and making selection decisions. In this scenario, […]