The Importance of Continually Updating Your Resume


Have you ever pitched upon a job opening too great to pass up, only to find out that you missed to applying for it yesterday? I have seen many professionals struggling to get their resumes done in remarkably tiny timelines thanks to this exact situation. It isn’t too much of a problem if you simply need to add a few skills and a bit of work experience, but when your resume is absolutely outdated, you’re basically asking for a miracle.

There is, however, an easy fix for this situation is to update your resume as you move in your career. It sounds simple like it should be second nature, just like we update our profiles on professional networking sites like, but unfortunately, this is most often not the case.

Add New Jobs to Your Resume as Soon as You Start

Possibilities are you already have a job description provided to you by the HR. This, besides with the job advertisement and the information in your onboarding package, will make it much easier to update your resume as soon as you take a new job.

Do it Now — Because it Gets Harder Later

The longer you are with a company, the harder it is to build a resume
if you are not regularly adding to it. Usually, for people it is time for them to start searching at new possibilities, they struggle to obtain knowledge about their earlier positions.

Stay Organized

If updating your resume on a regular basis is too daunting, you should at least keep documents of everything and file it all in one place. This way, if you do explore professional help when it comes time to update your resume, you have all the required documents ready and on hand.

I always suggest creating a folder on your computer “Resume Information.” Save everything all the documents in this folder you may need in the future. Include things like job descriptions, recognition e-mails from bosses, project descriptions, certification information, specialized training/coursework, etc. The more information you can gather, the better.

Being active about keeping updated your resume will only benefit you by planning you for the unknown, and it will give you a support when the time comes for a new career move.

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