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If you are only using Universalhunt.com as a business card, an e-mail replacement, or some kind of counterpart for business contacts, you are missing out on its recruitment potential. Universalhunt.com is the leading global professional network and a career platform with over a million members from countries like the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore, Africa, […]


Kenya has been named as the best African country to invest in due to accelerated infrastructure development and a stable political and macroeconomic environment. Even are you considering investing a good lump some money in the coming year? Great! Universalhunt.com has taken a look at the industries that are performing extremely great in Kenya. Building […]


Let’s say, you have your business plan ready, sales and management team, market analysis, and working model. You have done some Universalhunt research and are looking for investment to start the business. You’ve developed your 30-second elevator pitch so you can immediately and accurately explain your business to anyone who is interested, and you can […]


Have you ever pitched upon a job opening too great to pass up, only to find out that you missed to applying for it yesterday? I have seen many professionals struggling to get their resumes done in remarkably tiny timelines thanks to this exact situation. It isn’t too much of a problem if you simply […]


Unlike conventional job portals, Universalhunt.com has come up with something unique feature called “Profile Ratings.” What is a profile rating? A profile rating is a feature for every member who has a profile on Universalhunt.com. This rating is given on a scale of 0-5 (0 being the least and 5 being the highest) by professionals […]