There is definitely something about Africa that keeps luring people back. Possibly it is because of the vast untamed continent where anything is possible. Parts of Arica are well on the way to becoming some of the most dynamic places to invest or work in. If you want to work or a business planning in Africa, there […]


Rich cultural heritage touches an ultra-modern outlook in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where an incredible 80% of the manpower comes from the foreign land. The country offers unparalleled opportunities and hospitality to everyone, especially for foreigners. The moderate Islamic traditions and culture is the foundation of the country. The country attracts quite a number […]


According to a new search by World Congress of Neurology, recruitment teams find it challenging to keep their HR managers within the hiring process when attracting talent. They surveyed about HR professionals from some of the UK’s biggest company recruiters and found that around a fifth which is 22% of organizations are struggling to identify […]


If you were asked to make a list of all the things to consider when taking a job in a country what would you list? Would you consider a number of vacation days, maternity leaves, or average pay scale? Every person’s perception is different when it comes to what they value the most in a […]


What is a Professional Networking Platform? Professional Networking Platforms are about building effective relationships with people, from which will hopefully flow business, referrals, and opportunities. It is mainly about building yourself as a state-of-the-art expertise with people, bartering your experience with that of others. It is a technique to identify and open doors for potential […]

Who are recruitment consultants and what do they do? Recruitment Consultants are the intermediaries between companies seeking to recruit professionals and the professionals (candidates) seeking a career move. However, this process has endless variations and complications depending on the requirements of the companies and the skills & experience candidates possess. It is the responsibility of […]


When choosing a new job, it’s important to find the right one through a right search. Now, what is the right job? You can discover the right job for you by learning how to research options, realize your strengths, and acquire new skills. Once you have a general idea of what your career path is, […]