A Right Search for the Right Job


When choosing a new job, it’s important to find the right one through a right search. Now, what is the right job? You can discover the right job for you by learning how to research options, realize your strengths, and acquire new skills. Once you have a general idea of what your career path is, then take some time out to figure out what skills you possess for your dream job. These skills are also called as transferable skills, include:

1) Communication skills
2) Managerial Skills
3) Public Speaking
4) Foreign Language Proficiency and many more

Unfortunately for many people, the difficult task starts with writing a resume of their profile. Finding a job may not be a tough task but finding the right job through a right search definitely is. But matching yourself with the right job profile through clever search categories may set you up for the success right away.

First, let us look at what makes jobs different and how Universalhunt.com assists you in finding the right job for you.

Once you are registered with Universalhunt.com:

-The system automatically highlights all the relevant jobs.

-The system auto sends your profile to the companies via e-mail which have matching requirements.

-Every time a new job is posted, the system will automatically e-mail the job to the candidates and the candidates profile to the companies provided the profile matches the requirements.

The special feature of registering with Universalhunt.com is that by downloading the application (App) the candidates could get instant access to the companies profile and job notifications.

Next comes Job Descriptions. They contain three main information categories- Job Title, Designation, and Key Skills. In this respect, they are formulaic and structured to an extent. All search engines that are specific to information about jobs use this particular structure to help give accurate and relevant results to queries. For instance, the Title tends to be the part of the job description that reveals is always regarding the nature of the job.

On the other hand, we have an option called “Advanced Job Search,” is the most comprehensive search form. It has various search parameters which give you the desired results. Such as:

Keyword Designation
Job  Location Preferred Location
Functional Area Expertise in Specific Field
Work Experience Years of Experience Till Date
Employment Type Full-Time / Part-Time
Key Skills Type of Skills candidate Possess

The requirements are also unique to job data. These “requirements” are specific things that should match with a job seeker’s skills or education. Similarly “responsibilities” are specific things that should match job seekers’ earlier work experience. It seems pretty obvious when you put a job description next to a resume of course. But a very few job seekers consider this when sitting in front of a search box wondering which words will help to retrieve that matches their dream job! Using these simple insights could result in much more productive searches for the job finders by yielding much better matches. A good surprising number of people have a poor search experience because their searches are too generic — that means the results will not be that relevant to them because their search keywords carry too little information or information that is too generic. Usually, very generic searches also yield a large numbers of results for which even if relevant jobs are retrieved, it will take much longer to find them as you wade through page after page results — and eventually that slows down the time to finding your next job.

In order to create a productive search, you need to understand what sort of data you want to favor in your match. Which means when you put the words in the search box, you need to understand what part of the job description they are likely to fit with and what parts of your resume they best correspond to as well. Sounds too complicated? Let us put in these terms. First notice the Job Title, it generally has two parts; one is position level such as Managing Director or Product Manager and the second is Function, which says what the candidate would do such as sales or marketing. Before you search further, please make sure whether or not you want the next job search as the previous one or a different one.

We hope you find this information helpful. For any comments / suggestions, please write to us. We would love to hear from you.

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