The Rise in the Women Entrepreneurship


The ratio between men and women in business is changing rapidly. Not just women are taking up more powerful and dynamic positions in companies, but also they are developing a strong growth curve in running their own businesses. Across the globe, women-owned organizations in the formal industry are more than 42% and almost half of the new job opportunities are created by female entrepreneurs.

Looking at the way women do business is like looking at a whole new world. In effect they:

– Bring closer customer connection, more employee care, more patience, and very well understand the value of building relationships.
– Create a greater sense of equality than they experience when working in the conventional workforce through networking.
– Develop their businesses at a slower rate when compared to men because women are more cautious with money.

According to the latest report on the Women entrepreneurs 2015, the report says there are nearly 97 million females who run their own businesses, and this statistic cover only 45 countries out of 195. Fundamentally, women become entrepreneurs with the same kind of enthusiasm, passion, motivation, and determination just as men do and the number has increased over the past 5 decades. In order to increase the prosperity and diversity of female leaders across the globe and industries, several groups have been introduced to bring awareness to female leadership within the workforce.
Below are the few interesting infographics on women entrepreneurship:


uh vector horizon The Rise in the Women Entrepreneurship




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