A Few Common Myths About Recruitment Consultants

Who are recruitment consultants and what do they do? Recruitment Consultants are the intermediaries between companies seeking to recruit professionals and the professionals (candidates) seeking a career move. However, this process has endless variations and complications depending on the requirements of the companies and the skills & experience candidates possess. It is the responsibility of the recruitment consultants to facilitate this process for both the companies and the professionals.

There are a number of professionals and companies who prefer to get the services of recruitment consultants. For professionals, they provide them the opportunity from the list of national and international job profiles, which suits their requirements. And for companies, they ease the process by offering hiring solutions.

But on the other hand, there a few professionals who prefer to go to the interviews directly themselves and some companies who prefer to hire professionals through their own HR team. This is just because of the few misconceptions goofing around about the recruitment consultants.

 Here are a few common myths listed about the recruitment consultants.

1) Recruitment Consultants are just “middlemen”

They do more than just placing professionals into new jobs. They take a consultative approach to both the professionals and companies with the best suggestions / advice on how to progress further by providing CV, interview tips, trends and insights on the current market, and much more.

2) Recruitment Consultants charge too much from professionals / companies

Many people think that recruitment consultants are there just to charge the fee from both the ends. True, they do charge a certain amount of fee, based on the annual / monthly salary of the professionals but that amount is not absurd. This fee will vary on the position of the professional applied for. It is because of the resources they use not just to find a good candidate but to find the right professional.

3) Recruitment Consultants can’t represent professionals / companies

Many professionals and companies feel that an outside consultancy may not be able to represent them as well as they can. More often than not recruiters can add to a professional’s application from tailoring CVs, through to liaising directly with the hiring managers to ensure a good culture fit.

Alongside representing the professional, recruiters often have a better understanding of the role of the profile and the position of the business, offering insight into the vacancies and working environment, as this is often written by a third-party source rather than the hiring manager.

Recruitment is definitely not an easy job. If you are looking for a new career, a change or hiring solutions, we are there to help you out and ease the process. We hope this information gives you better insights on how recruitment consultants work.

If you are professional looking for a change, new job, or a business looking to acquire professionals, why not get in touch with us today on 079 6604 9000.

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