Recruitment is one of the most significant functions for any company as they seek competent professionals to fill up the right positions. Companies nowadays have been relying a lot upon on-campus recruitment to fill up the vacancies. This approach is relatively new but is one of the best ways to get the right resources for […]


The big question arises “what is” is one of the leading global professional networking platforms with a career portal. It provides you a way to connect with each other (classmates, Faculty, colleagues, family etc) professionally and assists you stay in contact with the million of professionals across the globe. It is one way […]


Rich cultural heritage touches an ultra-modern outlook in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where an incredible 80% of the manpower comes from the foreign land. The country offers unparalleled opportunities and hospitality to everyone, especially for foreigners. The moderate Islamic traditions and culture is the foundation of the country. The country attracts quite a number […]