The current trends in the recruitment industry are more likely pointing towards the use and high importance of social media in the recruitment process. A recent survey by the shows that more than 70% of hiring managers are investing more in their company’s social media presence. Which is pointing towards the coming of age […]


Putting down an effective recruitment advertising always seems easy enough, until you actually sit to write down and you suddenly realize it is not that easy. Sadly, knowing what to and what not to include in a job advert is not a child’s play. But, when you adopt the right organized process you can better […]


The fact is that the age discrimination is already taking place ahead for many professionals in their late forties. Several research authorities determine an “older employee” as someone who is 45 years and older, which might have something to do with the fact that millennials exceeded generation X as the biggest workforce generation from the […]

article opens its publishing platform to all its members. What is Universalhunt publishing? allows its members to create, edit, and publish long -form content to share with their networks. wants each one of more than a million members to be able to share their thoughts and insights with other professionals across the globe, […]


The ratio between men and women in business is changing rapidly. Not just women are taking up more powerful and dynamic positions in companies, but also they are developing a strong growth curve in running their own businesses. Across the globe, women-owned organizations in the formal industry are more than 42% and almost half of […]


As the job market starts to heat up, the hunt for best talent is on. Employees have more options now than they have had in a long time. So who is offering them the best working conditions? has decided to find out by asking professionals for their opinions on the best employer to […]


Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populated country with more than 90 million people has witnessed a spectacular economic growth over the past 2 decades and is evolving as the new powerhouse of Africa. More than 65% of the country is aged under 30 and the country’s rapidly growing education system currently boasts 20 million students. The Ethiopian […]


The Human Resource (HR) sector is undergoing a comprehensive change, according to, who recently conducted a global study of HR landscape in over 40 countries. had surveyed over 2000 HR professionals from companies ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to blue-chip companies gathering key information on recruitment, strategic, and key priorities. Harshit Bhavsar, […]


Are you interested in using social media network to promote your business? If yes, great! But do you know which social media network will be most effective in your niche marketing campaigns? Just like many entrepreneurs, if you too are skeptical about how social media network is going to help your business in successfully meeting […]


Networking is essential for a number of reasons. Whether you are looking for industry advice, seeking out contacts, or sneak a business partner, there is no better way than networking to achieve your goal. Networking a long ago has been recognized as a powerful tool for professionals and business people. Knowing more people gives you […]