Networking is essential for a number of reasons. Whether you are looking for industry advice, seeking out contacts, or sneak a business partner, there is no better way than networking to achieve your goal. Networking a long ago has been recognized as a powerful tool for professionals and business people. Knowing more people gives you […]


Instant Job search? Download now mobile app to apply instantly for a job of your dreams. Professionals are relying more and more on mobile devices to communicate with the world around them and that trend spreads to the job search process. Mobile job search app allows professionals the accessibility to keep up with the […]


Are you still using conventional job portals to post your resume or search your dream job? Then you are wasting countless hours every day searching for jobs online. Are you interested to know a better way to find your dream job? If yes, then this article will offer you with the tools to actively take […]


In this article, I would like to highlight the contemporary status of the United Arab Emirates’ economy and also to outline the course the country is steering in the coming period. Over the past 4-5 years, the economic freedom in the United Arab Emirates has advanced by almost 4.5 points, the region’s largest increase and […]

profile is one of the world’s leading online professional network and career portal with more than million users. It provides a rich source of informational interviewing, leads for networking, and internship and job opportunities. Once you are a registered member, the next step is to create an eye-catching and informative profile to showcase your expertise […]


In this modern era, the employees of both large and small companies are learning new ways to work more efficiently, across multiple time zones, and through new technologies that are evolving much faster than most of us can keep up. Combining these facts with the changing expectations in our super-connected world and the ever growing […]


When companies hire from within the field, they know more or less what to expect. Candidates have most likely gotten a standard education, may also have internships at different industries. So undoubtedly there is a high value and importance in hiring like-minded candidates with a guaranteed skillset. But when it comes to hiring from outside […]


Recruitment is one of the most significant functions for any company as they seek competent professionals to fill up the right positions. Companies nowadays have been relying a lot upon on-campus recruitment to fill up the vacancies. This approach is relatively new but is one of the best ways to get the right resources for […]


Irrelevant of your job, industry, or position, in order to be successful, you have to understand the essence of networking and be able to grasp the best ways to network across the globe. Attending various events and meeting people at the workplace can prove beneficial in may ways. In order to instill trust and credibility […]


The word “big data” is often used to describe the large amounts of data that can be managed and processed which conventional software can not. Big data is the new frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. However, big data is being produced all around us regularly, by every digital device and process. To be able […]