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What is the response ratio for connection request?

The response of connection request is based on your profile content. Make sure your profile is properly filled and doesn’t include any spam content.

My profile is blocked, what should I do?

We block or sometime delete the profiles when we get spam complains. So think before sending connection request to the people. If your profile contains spam words or you are sending spam content by UniversalHunt messages it will no longer survive on

Do you give any job guarantee?

We just give you special visibility. Receiving job offer is completely based on your profile, skills and talent. UniversalHunt is a career and business networking platform where you can explore more opportunities by connecting with people and applying for the jobs. Applying for job does not give any job guarantee or revert from hiring managers.

How many messages I can send to non-connected professionals?

If you are a premium member, you can send 25 messages a day to the non-connected professionals. The ratio of sending messages keeps on changing by analyzing your profile reputation.

What is the refund policy?

Decide properly before you pay for premium. Premium account is completely based on your skills how you can take advantage of the same. We don’t have any refund policy in place.