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Unlike conventional job portals, Universalhunt.com has come up with something unique feature called “Profile Ratings.”

What is a profile rating?

A profile rating is a feature for every member who has a profile on Universalhunt.com. This rating is given on a scale of 0-5 (0 being the least and 5 being the highest) by professionals in your network.

We have made our profiles on Universalhunt.com so that we can be found by whoever has a good opportunity for us. Apart from growing network and business connections, the best way to raise your profile is to get ratings from professionals.
Wondering how to get ratings?

One of the best ways to get a rating is to give one first. Choose anyone that you would love to endorse and to get one from. So give them good ratings and are bound to reciprocate.

The beauty of Universalhunt.com profile ratings is that everyone can see who endorsed you (but now what rating). Gone are those days of references provided upon request, the sources are right there on your profile and you can leverage them as you like. Hiring managers scan ratings section on your profile so it’s worth spending some time in getting the right ones.

Some employers claim not to consider professionals with less than ratings from 10 connections on their profiles. To be on a safer side, I would recommend everyone to get to ratings at least from 10 connections and build from there. These ratings can help in picking up connections with old colleagues, partners, etc. A thumb rule to remember is to get ratings from at least 2 professionals from each job you have had.

One more way is to ask professionals just after you have done a favor. Since your goodwill is still fresh in their minds they would instantly endorse you. Whatever you do in your profession, ask them to give ratings when you most deserve it.

Who do I ask for ratings?

Whoever you request a rating from, consider how it will be perceived by the reader. Hiring managers are likely to judge it by who rated your profile such as having a CEO rating on your profile gives more weightage than having 10 ratings from your colleagues. Stay away from any ratings that are given by family and friends unless you have actually worked for them.

Aim for quality as well as diversity. You will want your ratings to be from a delicious mélange of co-workers, clients, managers, associates, suppliers, and anyone else that is connected to your professional career. Too many from one of these groups will look strange, so try to keep a nice balance.

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