Finding the appropriate talent for your organization at an affordable price has become a formidable task. With dozens of job boards  options that do everything from a job posting to finally hiring the candidate, how is one to choose which platform will benefit their firm the most? Well, you’re in luck; Universalhunt.com, a leading global […]


There are a lot of reasons why a professional may choose to change their career like completely unhappy with their role, the company might be downsizing, etc. So whatever the situation is, it could be tricky to change careers since it involves a lot of efforts and complications. Here a few fundamental things to keep […]


The Human Resource (HR) sector is undergoing a comprehensive change, according to Universalhunt.com, who recently conducted a global study of HR landscape in over 40 countries. Universalhunt.com had surveyed over 2000 HR professionals from companies ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to blue-chip companies gathering key information on recruitment, strategic, and key priorities. Harshit Bhavsar, […]


Since the 1970s oil growth, the Gulf region has been one of the leading destinations for white-collar professionals from South Asia, with the effect that today Indians form a large percentage of the non-nationals living in the region. Certainly, almost 6 million out of an estimated 15 million people, the Indian community forms the biggest […]


The networking sites like Universalhunt.com have revolutionized the recruitment landscape for both companies and professionals and greatly increased the efficiency with which hiring resolutions can take place. Gone are the days when online recruitment was an exclusive domain of the technologically savvy and the ultra-sophisticated. There has been a paradigm shift in the ways companies […]


Are you interested in using social media network to promote your business? If yes, great! But do you know which social media network will be most effective in your niche marketing campaigns? Just like many entrepreneurs, if you too are skeptical about how social media network is going to help your business in successfully meeting […]


Let’s say, you have your business plan ready, sales and management team, market analysis, and working model. You have done some Universalhunt research and are looking for investment to start the business. You’ve developed your 30-second elevator pitch so you can immediately and accurately explain your business to anyone who is interested, and you can […]


Have you ever pitched upon a job opening too great to pass up, only to find out that you missed to applying for it yesterday? I have seen many professionals struggling to get their resumes done in remarkably tiny timelines thanks to this exact situation. It isn’t too much of a problem if you simply […]


A new study from Universalhunt.com, one of the leading global professional networking and a career portal, has revealed that despite a growing job market, 65.7% of recruitment experts are still struggling to find the right professionals. The study addressed over 600 of the UK’s leading recruiters to unveil which job positions pose the biggest challenge […]


Do you want to use your Universalhunt.com profile to market yourself more effectively? Have you thought beyond adding jobs and responsibilities? Universalhunt.com is one of leading global professional networking and career portal, but it does not mean you have to consider your profile as a boring resume. In this article, you will discover ways to […]