Recruitment is one of the most significant functions for any company as they seek competent professionals to fill up the right positions. Companies nowadays have been relying a lot upon on-campus recruitment to fill up the vacancies. This approach is relatively new but is one of the best ways to get the right resources for […]


Irrelevant of your job, industry, or position, in order to be successful, you have to understand the essence of networking and be able to grasp the best ways to network across the globe. Attending various events and meeting people at the workplace can prove beneficial in may ways. In order to instill trust and credibility […]


The word “big data” is often used to describe the large amounts of data that can be managed and processed which conventional software can not. Big data is the new frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. However, big data is being produced all around us regularly, by every digital device and process. To be able […]

As a part of the hiring regiment, many companies understand the necessity to create job descriptions, post them to various job boards, professional networking & social media platforms with the intention to get in front of a relevant talent pool. However, all this struggle to capture the awareness of top talent can easily go to […]


The big question arises “what is” is one of the leading global professional networking platforms with a career portal. It provides you a way to connect with each other (classmates, Faculty, colleagues, family etc) professionally and assists you stay in contact with the million of professionals across the globe. It is one way […]


If you want to master your next job interview, then you should know a few things first. asked about a group of successful employees and entrepreneurs for their thoughts on what every candidate should know before stepping into the interview room. The below are the few points provided by the managers of a higher […]

A question I frequently encounter when talking to clients or job seekers is “Won’t my manager think that I am looking for an another job if I am using” With over a million members on across the globe, I honestly don’t think that even half of them are actively seeking a job. In […]


Today, we are a million members! counts a million members as a part of our network, representing more than 80 countries such as the United States, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and African countries. We would like to thank all our members for helping network what it is today. It has been an amazing […]


There is definitely something about Africa that keeps luring people back. Possibly it is because of the vast untamed continent where anything is possible. Parts of Arica are well on the way to becoming some of the most dynamic places to invest or work in. If you want to work or a business planning in Africa, there […]