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Company Profile

Client Commitment
TalentPro® is a pioneer in delivering trusted end-to-end HR Services in Payroll, Staffing (temping), Compliances, Search & Selections (Recruitments) and Training, we have become a vendor by choice for large MNC’s, and SME’s.

Over a decade, we have grown to be benchmarked for quality, reliability and high quality of systems and processes. We pride on the fact that our highly motivated and energetic "young" team constantly sets high standards as a yardstick to measure performances, resulting in enduring customer delight.

Team TalentPro fosters the spirit of team work in ensuring that our clients view us as partners in their businesses. Our HR services are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business context, aimed at giving the best to their HR spend, balancing our advocacy to both employers and employees, based on objective expert guidance.

Backing our deliverables is some of the most cutting-edge technology that is put to use, to customize your HR programs. We leverage both our HR expertise and Technology development skills to build solutions to fit your needs.


Payroll Solutions

Service is everything to us and it should be everything to you too! Our clients are not just another number to us; they are people with specific needs and business goals. As one of the Top Payroll Outsourcing Companies in India your priorities equal our responsibilities and our achievement equals your fulfillment. Heading for the Best Payroll providers in India through our certification - SSAE16, our services are just what you need.

Whether you currently process payroll in-house, outsource it or work with an accountant – when you partner with TalentPro you experience advanced payroll management services that will save you time and money while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.

We are an efficient service partner providing fully outsourced payroll and benefits processing, time and attendance solutions and compliance management. It is time for you to discover the difference in compensating your talent…the TalentPro way!

Deploying Workforce

The risk of hiring new staff has never been greater. There is little time for training, uncertainty over new employees and risk of discovering things about employees too late. Reduce many of these risks with temporary or contractual staffing solutions from TalentPro.

With the variety of Staffing requirements – Industrial, General or Professional, no matter what your staffing needs are – we can help. Our passion is to provide an outstanding service experience for each client and every employee we bring together. With your varied yet specific staffing requirements we at TalentPro can provide exactly what you need and exactly when you need it.

Tailoring to your requirement, we offer Contract Labour services and Temporary Staffing services for both short-term assignments as well as long-term projects. With our expertise in “source and staff” we not just find you the number of candidates you need, but the right candidate at the right time, with the option to scale up or down quickly and cost-effectively as workload changes.

With the employees on our pay-roll we help save you the headache of hiring and firing staff. Our contract staffing services and temp or flexi staffing services allow our clients to make the right decision for hiring the right staff from the temporary staff list.

There is flexibility of employment, ease of recruitment and replacements. We help the companies anticipate and benefit from the changes happening now and in the coming future.

Compliance Management

Business in India is synonymous with the need to understand compliance and be compliant as non-compliance could be a show stopper any time. Whether it is Statutory compliance or Labour law compliance, a structured approach towards compliance would result in a better bottom line with sustained growth. Compliance should be viewed as a dynamic item of cost, rather than a passive charge on the profits. A superior operational finesse is needed to achieve this goal.

For any enterprise wanting to become compliant with minimally invasive resources, outsourcing compliance may become the key to success. Whether you are a team of 20 or 500 or more employees, the importance of Labour Law compliance is obvious and outsourcing to the right partner will ensure systematic compliance and back you with insights into Labour Law compliance.

TalentPro’s expertise in Statutory Management and Statutory Compliance services showcases our capabilities in handling diverse requirements of our clients across India. With an efficient sizeable team of compliance and labour law experts, TalentPro is ever ready to address and help you with statutory compliance services or labour law compliance requirement enabling you a surety of full compliance.

Keeping abreast to the constant amendments in law is TalentPro’s forte. That’s why at TalentPro, we ensure a holistic approach to risk management, labour law compliance, statutory compliance and their adherence. We go that extra mile to ensure that your processes are backed by our superior support. This support is based out of a wider experience and better understanding of the Indian employment system and labor laws. We accelerate your organizational development, competitiveness and profitability.


Employees are the crux and essence of every organization. The better hired — the better they are, trained and managed — the more productive and profitable your Organization will be.

With much smarter & efficient approach the HR Activities can now be bundled into a HR Management Software. A quick change to the HR Management Software, popuarly called HRMS OR HRIS, would be quick change you provide your end-to-end HR activities.

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software application that combines many human resource functions, including recruitment, payroll, performance management, training and development - all into one package.

TalentPro introduces HRMS / HRIS as its leading HR software under SaaS model, with service and support in its finest, providing the out-and-out HRMS user experience. Our HRMS offers and manages your entire workforce from resume management to retirement. It features comprehensive and user-friendly workforce management. Our Software has been designed to meet the information need across all levels of Management and simplifies Decision making, Planning, Monitoring and Control of Daily Activities.

Our HRMS is a Cloud (Web Based) Application providing those in HR division a complete and concrete solution for workforce management. Data access by employees is simplified as never before.

You also have an option to avail our HRMS at a reasonable pricing in SaaS mode, which enables you to manage all data, without the extra trouble of overseeing or upgrading any hardware.

Executive Search

TalentPro’s Executive Search Consultancy Practice provides superior retained search services for entry level recruitments, executive and senior-level positions. We employ a personalized approach with direct engagements and single point of contact, resulting in faster, higher quality placements. With clear communication in place, we stick to timelines and deliver what has been promised. We specialize in Mass resourcing, Vertical recruitments and Synergistic recruitments.

One of the distinguishing hallmarks of our Executive Search Consultancy team is their solid work experience and access to customized and industry-specific networks. These are constantly and consistently updated resulting in outstanding candidate pools.

Our excellence of over a decade, spans various sectors, domains and position types, and our repeat business and extended engagements with clients are proof enough.

Corporate Training and Consulting

Have you off late been frustrated by collecting and refining your best business practices, only to see that your employees don’t apply them? Does improper implementation of tacit knowledge create more issues than solutions? Do different employees from different locations respond differently to your strategic and tactical planning on how your business should run? It may not be an issue with your employees. It is time to change your employee communications and training implementation.

HR training and development services from TalentPro will enhance performance and ensure that there are significant benefits derived from implementing your common culture. We understand your need for a common view of “"how things work" across levels, across departments, among new employees and the old hands, at every one of your locations, and suggest training solutions that assure you an honest Return on Investment(ROI). We put together an appropriate Learning and Development (L&D) framework in place, after assessing your organizational challenges.

Our clients come to us, because at TalentPro “corporate training” is not about conducting clichéd workshops and certification courses, but it is about design and delivery of customized learning solutions, with emphasis on skill development and assessment - By professionals for professionals to equip them for business challenges, in the most holistic fashion.