SalaryNot Specified
Job TypeFull Time
Job Location Al Khobar,Eastern Province,Saudi Arabia


Logistics Port Container
4 to 6 Years
Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Functional Area
Accounting / Tax / Company Secretary / Audit

Job Description

1. Job Purpose

To provide Technical assistance to vessels including but not limited to vessel Engines, electronic and

electrical controls, efficiency and conformity on all of the vessel’s working systems to Saudi Aramco


Every vessel shall be supported at all times by an "in?Kingdom" Port Engineer; and the same Port

Engineer may be assigned for up to eight (8) vessels.

2. Principal Accountabilities

The primary responsibility of this position will be:

1. To provide technical solutions to present engineering challenges on the vessels assigned to him,

keeping in mind on its conformity

2. Onshore monitoring and tracking of Rawabi vessels in ship survey status, compliance to Flag State

and Port State Control.

3. Provide competency assessment of Engine Officers as per QSMS Procedures.

4. Oversee the management of RSOS onshore workshop facilities at Tanajib.

5. Manage and maintain sufficient and up to date critical spares stock at Warehouse in relation to the

logistical lead time for procurement and delivery.

6. Liaise with vessel to ensure the timely delivery of critical spares so as not to impede on vessel


7. To provide accurate technical assessment report and conduct sea?trial at Shipyards for new?builds

in a foreign country.

8. Work closely in collaboration with Port Captain, Port Safety Officer and Onshore Technical Manager

to ensure that vessel PMS tracking is up to date.


3. Communications and Working Relationships

Approved Aramco Port Engineer


4. Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Qualifications

BSc Engineering from any approved marine college.

COC First Class Marine Engineer (Foreign going unlimited) with minimum four years with Aramco Contract

experience on AHTSS.

Full STCW Certification including ISM & ISPS as SSO

DPO Certified (preferred)

Marlin Test Certificate

GMDSS Endorsement

For AHTS Vessels, Dynamic Positioning Vessels, Commissary/Training Vessels and Self?Propelled Jack?ups, the Port

Engineer shall at all times hold a U.S., U.K. or other European license equal to or better than a British Department of

Transport, Class 1 Certificate of Competency (ocean going/unlimited/motor);

For other categories of Vessels the Port Engineer shall at all times hold a license in accordance with the qualification

chart under Section 20 (MIM) The license for the Port Engineer shall be one category above what is required Chief

Engineer of the vessel they are assigned to;

Port engineer shall be fluent in both spoken and written English;

Port Engineer shall have at least four (4) years’ experience as Chief Engineer on the type of vessel they are assigned


Port Engineer shall at all times be able to take over as temporary Chief Engineer on their assigned vessels.

Familiarity with all Saudi Aramco oil fields, offshore structures and ports.

Knowledge of operational requirements for each assigned vessel.

Ability to actively manage and handle each assigned vessel in all disciplines including but not limited to rig supply

work, anchor handling, rig moves, crew and commissary deliveries.

Ability to act as relief for key vessel personnel.

Knowledge of operational requirements for each assigned vessel.

Ability to operate each assigned vessel and be aware of any constraints.

Ability to act as relief for key personnel.

Knowledge of requirements required for Contractor Engineers.

Thorough frequent inspections of their assigned vessel, ensure that any deficiencies that arise be immediately

rectified and reported to Saudi Aramco;

Responsible for all vessel certificates to be current and up?dated as necessary. Vessel certificate files shall be kept

both onboard and ashore;

Ensure that all operational information is forward to the vessel and adhered to. This includes, but not limited to

changes in Aramco operational and emergency instructions and procedures;

Shall establish and enforce a Planned Maintenance program for the vessel;

Manuals and spare lists shall be kept both onboard and ashore;

Monitor and enforce Aramco Marine Safety & Loss Prevention Program and carry out periodic audits and report

findings to Aramco;

Participate in Aramco on hire surveys and when required in quarterly inspections;

Instruct and ensure all Engine Officers and Crews comply with Aramco Offshore Instruction Manual (O.I.M.) 1.519,

Marine Instruction Manual (MIM) and Marine Vessel Specifications and Requirements;

Notify Aramco of prospective personnel changes and of forthcoming required evaluations. Shall supply Aramco

with copies of licenses and CV for senior vessel officers;

Ensure that all Engine crew members have the qualification and experience to perform their work in professional,

seamanlike and safe manner;

Port Engineer is required to train unfamiliar Chief Engineers in Aramco requirements prior to being checked by


Ensure all senior officers comply with Aramco Marine Department dress code and ensure appearance is

commensurate for position held.

Report to Aramco Marine Department everything which may be of interest with regards to the operation of the


Participate in and issue written reports/statements of inspections, investigation and similar activities when required

by Aramco; and In addition to that stated in this paragraph perform all other necessary activities to enhance

Physical Requirements of the Job - If Applicable

The job will require travel locally and International.

efficient and safe operation of the vessel.

P.O. Box: 79800 Al Khobar 31952 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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