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Quality Management systems when well implemented should enable organizations to thrive and not just survive. Thriving companies create satisfied customers by providing value through effective use of resources. Companies that do not have a quality management system will only enable it to make enough money to clear their debts. However, as the economy gets more competitive and interest rates rise the cost of debt increases. This will make it challenging for those organizations that are only surviving.

How do companies implement quality management systems that enable them to thrive? It starts with the Policy which is based on the vision and mission of the organization. Organizations need to start by refocusing on their mission. The company’s mission is the reason the organization exists. It is the system’s purpose. When actions are taken to improve the system following the Act Stage of the PDCA cycle the company needs to consider if the actions align with the strategic direction of the organization. These include action to lay off personnel, reduce operating budgets etc.

A core process enables the leadership to see how the organization works to meet their mission and vision. It shows the sequence and interaction of the processes and how action in one may affect another. Study your marketing and selling process. Does it include an innovation process? Is there a process that enables reporting of opportunities for improvement and a feedback loop for personnel to know what happens with their suggestions? Perhaps you can go viral via social networks to explain clearly how your company creates successful customers.

Quality management system processes should be designed with the customer focus in mind. The objectives for the processes should enable the process owners and their teams to meet the objectives. The processes should be resourced to meet the objectives. The objectives being met enable the team to meet the policy of the leadership. Sell the value as seen by each customer but do not cut prices. Use your management system to improve efficiency and reduce costs but do not offer discounts.

Companies often focus their management systems on tangible goods. Indeed, for nearly three decades, accredited registrars have encouraged their system certification clients to ignore their service design processes! Leaders know that superlative customer service can influence each customer to buy on value instead of price.

Study your product design process. Ensure it designs the whole experience the customer has with your company. Engage your employees in the redesign of their interactions with customers by analyzing the customer’s experiences as they are. Agree upon the service changes so they are as they should be from the customer’s perspective. Make this new process part of your management system by changing the affected processes such as training, selling and maintaining the computer network. Continually improve the customer experience with your quality management system.


By engaging your employees in the redesign of their interactions with customers, you inspire them so they help your company to thrive again.

Using your quality management system to thrive not just survive
Using your quality management system to thrive not just survive
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