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 Enhancement in standard Datasources.
 Involved in Creation and Scheduling of Process Chains as per business requirement and resolution
of errors related to process chains.
 Involved in creating and maintaining InfoCubes, DSO, PSA, Info Objects, MultiProviders,
Datasources and Info Packages.
 Maintained InfoCube and Creation of Info Package and scheduling the data into the Data Targets.
 Upload Master Data and Transaction Data from R/3.
 Created BEx queries on BW InfoCubes and MultiProviders for reporting.
 Created transformations for master and transactional data with standard mapping and rule based
 Actively and regularly involved in Load Monitoring of Daily Data Loads via Process Chains.
 Designed and created Process Chains for master and transaction data loading from flat files.
 Designed and developed queries to generate reports in BEx Analyzer.
 Extensively used Structures, cell definition, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, new
selection, new formula, exceptions and conditions in Bex Designer to generate desired reports.
 Actively Involved in Rectification of Load Failure errors like Master Data Loads, Transaction
 Regression Testing


SAP BW/BI Consulting

Production issue resolution related to SAP BW data modelling, BEx Query Designer and Query Analyzer, Authorizations for Reports or data access


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SAP BW/BI Consulting

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