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Email management, handling client enquiries by emails
Following up with the customers through email and social medias.
Online file management
Database building
Preparing Excel workbooks,newsletters, English typing(Excellent typing speed), designing forms,Profile writing,letters,Formal letter writing, professional CV making,etc.
Setup and update social media accounts


CV making

Professional CV makers in UAE, provides services :
-CV making
-cover letter
-Official letters for requesting interview, acknowledgement, Thanking employer,Confirming interview, Rescheduling of interview,etc,.
-Recruitment website registration and CV marketing through that sites
-Biodata making
-Company profile writing
-LinkedIn account creation and CV marketing through LinkedIn
-Interview tips
-Social media account creation, etc,.

Please contact as soon: 0562612203(whatsapp enquiries accepted) works accepted per token, token available now)


7 days delivery

$30 Standard

7 days delivery

CV making

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Shaheena Abid

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Abu Dhabi,Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates
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