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 Involved in practicing law by giving authoritative advice to clients and representing them at court. Also responsible for coming up with practical solutions to the needs of clients by having a thorough and commercial approach to legal matters.
 Providing accurate, timely and effective legal advice to clients. Studying police reports, interview transcripts, medical records and other facts to make a case for the plaintiff. Attending hearings at court.
 Presenting evidence in court to support clients in legal proceedings. Giving oral arguments in a court of law.
 Advising clients on their legal rights and obligations.
 Looking for evidence that will back up a client’s case.
 Researching precedents in law libraries and then using the finding to provide a defense for their clients and support their cases in court.
 Visiting clients at their homes, work places, or prison. Writing up legal documents like will, trusts and gifts. Involved in out of court settlements.
 Preparing arguments to be heard in a trial. Gathering and organizing evidence on behalf of clients. Preparing questions to ask witnesses.
 Interviewing witnesses, defendants and clients.


Legal Consulting

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Legal Consulting

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