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Preparing the Journal entries transaction
preparing the aging schedule analysis
preparing the related monthly reports
Preparing the appropriate templates to prepare the budget by all concerned departments.
 Comply with the approved policy of budgeting regarding the deadlines and the management of the budgeting process
 Receiving the budget estimates from all the departments of the organization  Studying the previous budget and also taking into consideration the benefits and losses occurred during the previous financial years, due to budget planning.
 Suggesting suitable amendments in the budget to the higher authorities and managerial staff of the concerned department.
 Rendering financial advice to the management officials of different operations, to undertake proper financial planning and decision making.
 Analysing actual results to budgets and forecasts.
 Monitoring the budget throughout the year.  Responsible for cost benefit analysis  Preparing business plan for five years and making the necessary update of the plan.
Preparing the invoices and aging reports Preparing the Monthly closing of transactions



Financial modelling
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