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Planning and Budgeting
• Planning and budgeting process, in coordinating with the Project Department Heads I oversee the development of accurate activity plans and budgets.

• Initiate fund transfers to the operational areas and all the documentations in regards to the processes are kept on file both hard and softy copies.

Financial Management

• Regularly report on key data for financial status and outcomes of projects in accordance with Salama Shield Foundation governance requirements, ensuring accuracy, deadlines, and accounting processes are complied with.
• Maintenance of internal and external financial and administrative reports in line with the Organization standard operations procedures.
• In addition to existing operations systems and procedures, there are regular updates of the operating systems in order to keep in line with the changing needs of the organization. And to help in the monitoring and tracking of receivables and payments.
• Closely monitor all Organization Financial activities and keep the Finance Manager updated on all situations both positive and negative that have impact on internal control of the organization.
• Make cash request from the Head Office



sharing and maximize the accounting/finance knowledge, management skills and provide new insight.


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Finance and Administrative Officer

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