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Zivanta's suite of market & business intelligence solutions help our banks & mortgage intermediaries make sense of external and internal variables that drive their business growth.

Our smart applications make consulting a value-for-money proposition while our financial information content empowers buyers take better investing decisions.


Financial Data Science

We provide management & strategy consulting to the mortgage sector using analytics, business intelligence & big data. Technology enabled mortgage industry is evolving largely over time. Lending, closing and settlements encompass a long trail of intermediaries and parties, who are equally important for the ecosystem. Not all the players are big enough to invest in technology and digitization. Niche industries like title insurance and real estate appraisals require advanced market insights that will help them gain market share. Our mortgage analytics solutions help the intermediaries, agents, brokers and lending institutions with both technology services & market projections that help the ecosystem grow holistically.

Econometric Modeling

At Zivanta we engage numerous economic indicators to raw data to arrive at dependant & independent variables which we further input into statistical analysis. Econometric models help us design our analytics wireframes which are used to generate business insights. Such models are an outcome of deep micro and macro economic research relevant to a particular market or industry. For example, we recently used large data sets from the U.S Census to arrive at econometric data models that was a huge value-add to the mortgage sector, helping our clients see through market movements based on migration rates, housing statistics, employment data, etc.

Deposit Pricing Analytics

Zivanta crawls and tracks deposit products' rates, fees and features of over 100 banks across tiers in the U.S. We use the data to present trends in rate fluctuations across tiers and geographies. We also have a rich repository of deposit product rates to present historical movements. These serve as a rich source of competitive intelligence data to enable enterprise users, largely product managers at leading banks to take better pricing & positioning decisions. This is our flagship B2B banking solution, which we bundle according to the target segment, which range from micro community banks to large banks to credit unions.

Automated Data Extraction

We have developed proprietary algorithms to extract data from web interfaces, proprietary crawlers & scraping software. Unlike manual scripts, our programs can extract massively scalable data, automatically delivers content in desired output formats, as well as extract dynamic content, with changing identifiers. The extracted, validated & reconciled output streams also strengthen competitive & pricing intelligence, compliance & risk management as well as news & content aggregation.

Credit Card Analytics

In the domain of financial data science, apart from data driven consulting & analytics for mortgage & deposit products industry, we also have a credit analytics vertical, where we cater to both the B2B and the B2C space. In the B2C space, we offer marketplace portals for consumers to make best suited credit card choices, follow latest trends, and compare cards. On the B2B side, we engage with credit unions and banks offering cards to provide them with consumer spending information, online traffic information & card preferences based on consumer lifestyles. We have built our proprietary cards rewards engine and card rating algorithm which are a robust value-add to the enterprise and consumer segment alike.

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