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Company Profile

VIRGO BPO SERVICES PVT LTD is a ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 27001-2005

One of the great advantages of being a Virgo is that it allows you to improve one self’s life and surroundings up to the perfection.

Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd was started to successfully face the challenges that major companies continuously encountered while dealing with issues pertaining to customer service. The objective of Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd is to provide businesses and end-users with the right information and customized call center solutions.
As our vision suggests, VIRGO came into being in 2009, at Nasik, with the idea of enhancing customer service and taking client relation management to new heights, in the Indian market. Virgo is the sign of the virgin, which suggests freshness. With fresh ideas and innovations our dynamic team commenced operations by July 2009.
Location wise Nasik one of the Apex of the Golden Triangle formed with Mumbai and Pune. While the two cities have saturated their resources totally, Nasik provides the best option for new ventures in this sector. With the global standard Telecommunication Infrastructure, Nasik is fast becoming the IT Hub, with several IT giants like Wipro and WNS having opened their facilities in Nasik.

Because Client-specific approach makes the major difference!

VIRGO offers a mature combination of Technology, Process & Team, so that our customers are free to concentrate on the Core Business Activities and ensure steady growth.

Our clients receive the best-in-trade service through our constant and continuous effort in leveraging our tenets of quality and innovation, the best people talent, and self sustaining process framework and domain knowledge.

We offer customized service offerings; translating into the most suitable, flexible and cost effective services of the highest quality for our customers.

We passionately strive to perfection through the deployment and utilization of cutting edge technology that complements an international standard work environment, led & supervised by an experienced and dedicated management team.

We aim to be the leader in Process Outsourcing sector in India so that our clients not only are assured of all the benefits of outsourcing their services, while enabling them to free their resources, and in turn increases their focus on refining and developing their core business practices.

Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd has the expertise in delivering call centre services like inbound call center service, outbound call center service, customer service, order taking, answering service, web enabled service and customer support services. It houses highly competent people and the latest technology, perfectly blended to bring you the best call center services and offshore BPO services in the entire call centre industry.



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