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Company Profile

Uruk brings together Iraq’s best minds in the energy and power generation industry. These individuals had been at the forefront of the nation’s energy sector, establishing national power grids and creating a nationwide energy and industrial network; and they were then tasked to rebuild the nation’s energy infrastructure in 1990.

They formed a private enterprise in 2003 intending to help rebuild Iraq’s energy infrastructure. Their mandate was to offer Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to the public and private sector, leveraging their intricate knowledge of local resources and regulations while applying the international standards of excellence they had rigorously implemented in their respective fields.

Uruk’s team members – men who had been responsible for the country’s most significant engineering feats in power and electricity over the past three decades successfully completed the company’s first major project within just two years.

Uruk Engineering & Contracting Services is led by prominent Iraqi engineers and scientists whose collective experience spans decades in the energy sector including oil, gas, nuclear power, electricity, water and waste management.

Their skills had ensured the public received electricity despite years of import restrictions, logistical challenges, legislative hurdles and security risks. The firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jafar D. Jafar, developed innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges; and when reconstruction began, he chaired the National Committee for Technology Transfer.

His vision of a professional, world class engineering operation led him to form Uruk as a private firm that would play an integral role in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Uruk is a fully Iraqi-owned company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates with offices in Baghdad and Dubai. The company offers turnkey solutions with single source responsibility for all its projects, employing the best local expertise while seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology, resources and best practices. Uruk has worked with several global players such as Bechtel International, GE, and ABB and served several Iraqi ministries.