Upraisal is based in Mumbai offers Human resource and placement solutions to a strong but varied customer base. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We work hard to build long term relationships which are founded on trust and mutual respect. We, at Upraisal provide the right recruitment opportunities and solutions to individuals as well as organizations. Our recruitment procedure is rigorous, cost-effective and broken down into various steps like pre-screening to reference check. A minimum turn-around-time with a regular follow-up and round the clock support is our key feature, which help us to deliver at all times. At Upraisal, we place the values and expectations of our clients before us, and the satisfaction of our clients will always be our first priority. Upraisal specializes in the following, all of which are its key services:- • Executive search • Permanent staffing solutions • Recruitment process outsourcing For more information email,


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It seems every other recruitment company claims to be 'The leading recruitment specialist' in their sector and they claim to have more experience than anyone else they care the most about their clients and candidates plus, of course they have the biggest database.

We think and work differently at Upraisal. We believe good recruitment is not just about using databases and cutting edge technology, but also about connecting people with people, matching skills accurately and getting the culture fit right, every time. We feel the best recruitment consultant should have the sensitivity, sector experience and intuitive understanding of their role in the recruitment process

In particular -
1) We do not make exaggerated claims about being the best, although we do strive to be so.
2) We know you have a choice and could easily take your business elsewhere, so we must deliver on our promises.
3) We keep things simple. People are complex enough, so recruitment doesn't need to be.
4) We know that when recruitment agencies fail to act with Honesty and Integrity at all times, they will be caught out in the end.
5) Everything we do requires confidentiality, without question.
6) We treat our clients and our candidates as we would like to be treated ourselves: with respect.
7) We know we must deliver great value for our clients, so they keep coming back.

Our recruitment specialists come from senior management positions in their sector so they speak your language and know what it's like to be in your shoes.

Whether you are a potential Client of Upraisal, or a Candidate, we want you to get the best out of the recruitment process. Sign up to the Upraisal Code of Conduct today and let us demonstrate how good we are.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Upraisal is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and are a well-known provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is gaining momentum at a fast rate. It has surfaced as a dependable option in comparison to the traditional recruiting procedures. In RPO, the in-house recruitment function is delegated or outsourced to an external recruiting entity. This helps the client's HR personnel to focus on the core organizational issues while we conveniently fetch them the best of talent. Upraisal provides the indispensable tools and technologies required for your business ventures. Our RPO function reduces your expenses and amplifies your productivity. The promising RPO strategy of Upraisal maximizes your returns and maintains the flexibility of your organization.

We provide tailored recruiting services as per your business needs. Our RPO services follow a practical and competent approach to conserve your precious time and energy parameters, which can be alternatively utilized in the revenue generating segments of your business. With a vast knowledge pool and years of experience at our hands, we have been delivering quality RPO services across the industries with a reassuring determination.

Executive Search

We are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and for us at Upraisal, each assignment begins with an initial briefing from the client during which the key parameters of the search are agreed and documented. We then carry out an assignment study which usually involves visiting the client’s offices to meet key executives and discuss the business environment, culture, priorities and any other factors that may be involved. We draft and submit a position and candidate specification for the client to approve. The document describes in detail the company, the role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position. It also summarizes the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success in the role. These key competencies form the basis of our assessment of potential candidates throughout the search process.

Having defined the key selection criteria with the client, we continue our targeted research into companies and sectors to find those best qualified for the role. Using our proprietary database and personal contacts we speak to sources familiar with those companies and industries to seek informal views and opinions on individuals we believe may be relevant and qualified. Before presenting any candidate to the client, each candidate is assessed and validated against the position specification and a report and recommendation are prepared for the client with our assessment of each candidate’s pertinence against the specification. We continue to seek informal external views on each candidate before introducing him or her to the client, in order to confirm and enhance our knowledge of the candidate’s achievements and track record. We also verify each candidate’s academic qualifications.

After the client has selected their preferred candidate, our consultants conduct thorough referencing to further measure and assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide our client with external views of the individual. When an offer is made to a candidate, our consultants are available to participate in any negotiations. Unsuccessful candidates are promptly and courteously informed. Finally, we conduct a unique and detailed client satisfaction survey (CSS) after every search assignment. We actively seek feedback from our clients, identifying any issues from which we can learn in order to improve the quality of our service in the future.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Upraisal assists you in maintaining the equilibrium of quality manpower resources by following an uncomplicated hiring methodology.

A simpler hiring approach without compromising on quality standards, solely aims at drawing the best talent pool for specific needs. We realize that hiring is the one of the most crucial aspect of an organization, thus our vigilant mind-set establishes a perfect balance between the quality and the organizational needs.

Flexibility and efficiency go hand- in-hand at Upraisal. The exclusive and massive database comprising of skilled and dynamic professionals from all verticals, further amplifies our chances of success at a faster rate. Our past endeavors speak for themselves, when we delivered even during the last hour requirements.

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