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Company Profile

Established in 1957, Universal Industries Ltd. began as a producer of a single variety of biscuit and has since grown from strength to strength to become a major food manufacturer with over 1,200 permanent employees and a diverse range of products. The company has positioned itself as a leading food, beverage and afro-processing industry and axe a benchmark in the country’s manufacturing sector.

The industrial sector in Malawi has undergone a turbulent couple of years for various known reasons and in order to re-nurture Malawi’s manufacturing base, a concentrated joint effort between the Government and the private sector is the need of the hour. To address this, Universal industries has shifted its focus from primarily being a FMCG manufacturer to providing nutrition to the nation. The nutritional status of the Malawian population remains critical. Although short-term interventions such as supplementation and fortification still need to be reinforced, we recognise that an investment in long term food based strategies is urgently needed. Our mandate is to “Add Value to Malawian Crops from the soil to the supermarket shelf.” Promotion of access of quality nutrition is our goal. To this effect we launched out novel Sun Valley Nutrl Gluco Phala, an instant nutritious porridge, and Sun Valley Soya Pieces. An array of other new products under our Sun Valley brand are in the opaline for landing during 2014/15

Our management is constantly being challenged to ideate innovative solutions that will not only substitute imports into Malawi, but will demonstrate a good regional export potential. The launch of universal Supa Chips and the range of Kamba Magic Mornings in Rice and Coco Puffs, proudly Malawian and the first Malawian Breakfast Cereal, is in line with our corporate drive of developing products specifically targeted at import substitution. We seek to do more with less and strive at making the most of our resources, empowering people to do what they do best, and using the power of diverse ideas to overcome challenges. Our core values are providing quality value for money and best customer experience and satisfaction.