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Incepted in 2014, Uniqhire is a gateway for End to End Recruitment Solutions.

Knowing recruitment for past few years now, we realized that it is as important to know what a client does not seek in the candidate as much as the skill set required. Often we have received Job Descriptions mentioning the skill set and with each screening there is a refinement that comes from the clients with respect to communication skills, language barrier, high packages, great salary expectations, not a culture fit. All these adjectives become so essential in the screening process and then we finally meet that one candidate who fits the bracket completely. This process of understanding the needs of the client, matching it with the candidate's ability, persistently looking for the right talent,crossing fingers for short listing of CVs, to the day when the candidate joins the organization excites us and we strive to do that with utmost sincerity.


Recruitment Services

The process that we use for hiring purpose includes well defined steps to ensure perfection in recruitment process. Here are the steps we follow: Understanding the requirement We invest sufficient time in understanding the detailed requirement from our clients so that appropriate and relevant resumes can be shared. Candidate Sourcing The next process is to source the candidates through conventional methods like Job Portals and non conventional sources including social media like Linkedin and Facebook. We also make use of our networks and database that we have gathered over a period of time. Screening of Resumes The resume screening is done with a detailed telephonic interview focusing on technical skills, attitude, willingness to change the job and other important details to ensure the best match for the client and the candidate. Forwarding the resumes The screened resumes are forwarded to the client and the feedback on the resumes from the client is awaited. Interview Process Based on the short listing of the candidates, the interviews are scheduled as per client's requirement. This is to ensure that the interview process is carried out smoothly and is comfortable for the client and the candidate both. On boarding After the client selects a candidate and the candidate is willing to join the company, we facilitate the on boarding process of the candidate in this new organization with appropriate joining formalities.

Psychometric Assessment

We help you with Psychometric Testing for Assessment and Profiling Solutions with the help of Extended DISC which is currently amongst the top 3 psychometric tools in the world. It's an online test available in 55 world languages and takes about 12-15 minutes at max to complete. It reports natural self vs. adjusted self concerns, highlights environmental impacts on individual's adaptations. Offers: Individual reports Competency assessment and gap analysis Work pair and team analysis Role specific effectiveness reports

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