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Company Profile

TriFid Research since its beginning has grown in leaps and bounds providing excellent services to Stock Brokers, Full time traders and HNI. We preserve well qualified analysts, supported by a dynamic team who are expert and impeccable in their analysis
We are introducing ourselves an Investment advisor to help you in making elegant decisions with our high quality research


TriFid Research is a privately held company in Indian financial market operations in Indore and registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Trifid research is a Research House that produces and delivers tips and recommendations for i.e.

Equity Tips
Futures and Options – NSE and BSE
Commodity Tips-MCX and NCDEX
Forex Tips
Comex Tips
Currency Tips
At TriFid Research Our ultimate aim is creating accurate value for your investment, through the necessary technical analysis of our company. In today’s unpredictable variable market, these analysts, using their experience and the latest software tools, are able to predict the actions in share market on time and with high accuracy.


TriFid provides you help in Equity, Commodity, Forex and Comex, Currency whether Intraday or positional trading in-depth company reports, complex financial models, market summaries, and other investment research supports are also available.

We would extremely appreciate if you consider us to help you in managing your investment. We offer a miscellaneous range of services as per the investments of our clients. We promise more and more accuracy in our recommendations. We consider in giving each and every client a particular treatment by providing online and telephonic assistance round the clock for 24 hours in a day.

An Amazing History of Growth

Operating since 2010, TR was initiated by Stock Brokers, Full time traders and HNI with huge trading experience in Capital market Focusing on the their special requirements; we started a number of unique services bringing our organization to be the worldwide service provider in Capital, Commodity, Forex and Comex research. Our organization grew amazingly in terms of clients and profits. TR had the belief more than 2 thousand plus new traders, Brokers, Full time traders and HNI clients in its roster and rising, having a competent team to work with. The performance of our services is different and unique from our competitors and some of our services are inventions in its own. We promise you of best quality services in the years ahead.


Stock Tips

We at Trifid Research to provide our customers Stock Trading Tips/recommendations for stock market derived from our experienced, dedicated research analysts and technical analysts for each segment in the area of investment. We offer best intraday Stock Tips for 2 days free trial to test our accuracy and if satisfied you can join stock cash services. You get enough time to enter our calls and can earn huge money with us. Stock Trading Tips is completely based on fundamental, technical analysis and charting. You can also get share market news, tips & calls in real-time. Stock Tips for NSE and BSE Stock Cash Traders.In today's unpredictable stock market, our stock market experts give the stock picks of the day based on the movements in stock market on time and with high accuracy. As a result, using our Stock Tips, our clients gain the most out of the share market. We try to deliver calls beforehand through technological advanced SMS Server so that you can get the enough time for execution of the call and to book profit as well. We advise traders and investors not to blindly follow Stock Market Tips and should use their own study as well. For beginners, stock market trader and investor definitely work as a support. While for experienced traders & investors work admirably to their own understanding of the stock market. Stock market trading needs appropriate knowledge, so it is advisable to understand the risks involved and gain appropriate knowledge before starting to trade in stocks on the BSE or NSE market. However, Investing regularly, avoiding unnecessary financial risk, and earn huge money decades is a certain way to amass significant assets. This also minimizes the risk and maximize the profits for traders as they book profits on the day itself on Stock Tips provided by us and they don't have to take an overnight market risk and also the margin requirement is not enormous, so day traders with small amount of capital can also participate in successful stock markets and earn from our Stock Tips. Our Research Team does in-depth analysis using technical analysis, fundamental factors and economic factors give the best return with low risk in our Intraday Stock Tips.

Stock Futures Tips

Trifid Research provides you Quality Calls on Stock Futures. Stock Futures Tips are purely technical based calls based on breakouts and reversals. Apart from this, indepth company reports, complex financial models, market summaries, and other investment research supports by analyst also helps to ensure that client derive maximum value on their traded capital with minimal risk. Trifid Research provides Stock Future Tips for all investors in India. As a leading Indian stock market trading tips provider, we offer a wide range of stock market recommendations. It is important that you put in and take out money from the stock at the right time. We at Trifid Research help you in doing this with our Stock Future Tips. We help you in taking right decisions such as booking profit, partial profit, loss balancing and stop-loss related to the stocks that you are buying. We assure you that we would help you with rising profits and hence minimizing the stock market risk. Keep a track of our free trial calls and you would be able to figure out the accuracy of our research and therefore do trading with us your favorite.

Nifty Tips

We at Trifid Research to provide Nifty Tips of our customers in NSE market. Nifty is a more volatile market so Nifty traders are generally expected to trade as per market direction our experienced, dedicated research analyst team for each segment in the area of investment. Provide tips throughout Nifty along with Bank Nifty requires a strong understanding of the economic climate along with fundamental components which affects economic climate. Nifty Futures Tips is one of our premium services. This service is mainly designed keeping in view the traders and investors focus who trade only in the index (Nifty/ Bank Nifty). We provide accurate Nifty Trading Tips, Nifty Calls, Nifty Levels, along with Bank Nifty Tips You would be getting complete strategy along with proper Targets and stop-loss. You get calls in Nifty Futures via Chat room & SMS system which delivers the calls to you instantly. We offer 2 days Free Trial to test our accuracy and if satisfied our services you can join our services. Nifty is the commonly traded derivative in the stock market. The changes in a Nifty Index are a regular phenomenon. Nifty Tips is especially designed keeping in view the traders Interest, Demand and Capital. Our expertise stems from a combination of inherent market insight and a study of global macro-economic factors that impact the domestic financial markets. The user-friendly nature of all our Nifty Trading Tips further aids us in consistently enriching client relationships at every step and also maximizing profit.

Options - Call and Put Tips

TriFid Research - A connoisseur in Options-Call & Put Tips. Perfect specialist team with Perfect Tips for Option Lovers. Track all major Derivative Traded Instruments Including Stock Options and Nifty Options. Our Option Tips specialist carefully analyze and select options which are in contract and good volume to fetch maximum profit from the market. Trifid Research provides Option Tips which are the result of hard analysis of our brilliant research team analysts. They use all their experience, rationale to pursue and logic to read, study and analyze the market trend using the Derivative instruments & Techniques. We give Option Tips with unmatched accuracy to bring the highest addition from the market for our customers. Options-Call & Put Tips service is particularly intended for Option Traders. Option trading referred as one of the low risk, high return package which needs less investment in the stock market.

Delivery Pack

This service includes those trader who wants to earn a small fixed income from stock market can hold position for a short period of time. Calls will be given for both positional Stock Cash and Stock Futures with proper target and stop loss, so that positional traders can also earn during falling market and can hold it for short term also. In this pack we will provide you 10-12 calls in a month.We provide fair, reliable and timely calls to our clients where the clients can earn excellent profit.

Premium Combo Pack

This pack is designed for traders who deal in all segments of capital market. This is our premium service wherein we provide intraday, STBT and BTST recommendations in stock cash, stock future and options segment respectively. Both Intraday as well as Positional tips are provided to get the maximum benefit out of market moves. In this pack we provide 6-8 trading tips daily. The number of tips makes this service special and must for Stock Brokers and Full time Traders and HNI customers. 90% of the tips will be Intra Day and 10% will be BTST and STBT tips.

Commodity Tips

We at TriFid Research, track the global and commodity market to provide you the Right Commodity Tips at the Right Time and at Right Price. Purely intraday calls in commodities for Full time traders and Stock Brokers to trade maximum and to earn maximum. This Commodity Tips includes a pack of Bullion Tips, Energy Tips and Base Metals Tips. Trifid Research always offers best Commodity Tips for our customers. Our well experienced research team provides intraday tips in Base Metals (Lead, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Zinc etc.) Energy (Crude Oil, Menthol Oil, Natural Gas) and Precious Metals (Gold and Silver) to our clients. The Commodity market is one of the best investment areas where an individual with limited capital can make huge profits in a quite short period. This is because this market is not driven by luck or knowledge, but purely by the forces of demand & supply. Commodities that traded are split into two types: MCX and NCDEX commodities. MCX commodities are usually natural resources that must be like Silver, gold, Nickel, Oil, etc. Whereas NCDEX commodities are agricultural products like Chana, Jeera wheat, coffee, sugar, soybeans etc. Commodities Future Trading has a potential of earning huge profits with very Low investment. But at the same time, if not traded properly, it can lead to big losses too. Trifid Research provides highly accurate Intraday trading tips for MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.). Our tips based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis. Therefore usually lead to huge profits. So far we have achieved a high accuracy up to 80 to 85%. Our tips have strictly followed stop-loss to protect your capital & comfortable profit targets to make a handsome amount of money for you in the markets. Now you don’t have to worried about Commodity market fluctuations, just follow our Commodity Tips to trade and make enormous profits Daily. We give intraday tips in -: Copper, Gold, Silver, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium, Crude Oil and Natural Gas. We give only 1-2 tips a day in each or any of the above mentioned commodities. Commodity Tips are very useful for those customers, who want to invest in Silver & Gold commodity. The updates based on our highly experienced research team.

Agri Commodity Tips

Indian markets have enormous opportunities for retail investors and traders to participate in Commodity Derivatives. For those who want to diversify their trade beyond shares, bonds and real estate, Commodities is the best option. Agri commodity tips includes various agri products such as jeera, chana, menthaoil, turmeric, Soyabean, Refsoya for trading. Our Research Team provides you with the finest research based on which you can actually maximize the returns on your investment in the market. Subscribe with us and experience the best support and excellent NCDEX tips.

Equity Fortune Pack

Equity Fortune is another quality product in our fortune series. Equity Fortune is for those clients who believe in less number of trades with high accuracy and bigger targets.TriFid recommends you to trade with a highly specialized expert research team who generate limited number of calls in highly potential stocks to get maximum returns with minimum number of trades. Specialty of Equity Fortune Pack is • Recommendation in Only High Volume Stocks (A & B group scripts) which includes the High Potential Stocks with refined technical patterns. In this specialist pack we chose only high volume and highly potential stock so our premium clients will never face any issue if they trade in huge quantity. • Limited calls in a day in selected stocks with higher accuracy and bigger target. • Maximum calls in fortune future will be intraday only. No need to worry for open position and minimum risk from gap up and gap down opening on previous day’s holding.


Forex Trading Tips is becoming bigger by the day. The exchange of foreign currency has made people a lot of money. To accomplish all that this market has to offer you are going to need some forex trading strategies. These strategies will teach you exactly how to prosper in the forex market. Foreign currency exchange has become the new stock market and you need a piece of that pie. We at Trifid Research, the team of expert analyst based in India as well as USA having vast experience in forex market generate intraday Forex Tips for trading. Forex Tips are based on thorough technical and fundamental research and has an accuracy of 80 to 85%. The Forex market is a platform for the buying and selling of currencies of different nations, with the aim of making huge profits. Most Forex traders end up suffering losses instead. The main reason for these losses is more confident and the lack of understanding of the market. Trifid Research provides best Forex Tips for our clients who trade in the Foreign exchange market. Our research analyst team who specializes in forex markets keep a complete Global track of all the events & combine it with technical analysis to break the market moves. Our experts give you the most accurate, up-to-date market data through expert analysis and Forex Tips.

PCG Pack

Our priority is to help you achieve your vision and goals: We are your Wealth Advocate. Unlike most other firms, We are first and foremost accountable to you. You are our priority. We are served by serving you. Our services are offered to and through an exclusive network on a "by invitation only" basis. We are frugal when it comes to your hard-earned interest and we do not spend your money to impress you with exotic collections and glamour. Most importantly we support looking after your best interest while keeping your assets where they currently reside. We respect our client's objectives when they seek us to guide their existing investment and give them unbiased advice, oversight and verify they are "being served" well. This service is for premium clients wherein we create a group of HNI traders and investors and one relationship executive and one research executive are dedicated for assisting the clients in trading.


Looking to the recent market trends,TriFid has launched a new one of the most specialized and another promising product known as MCX Value Pack. We VALUE YOUR hard earned money and that’s why we know that whether you are trading for a small profit or big profit in a market you require huge margin also you need to pay heavy brokerages, CTT and other taxes. So Why don’t you take a BIG BITE and earn MORE in single trade. This product is specially designed for those who believe in QUALITY AND NOT IN QUANTITY. Here we will capture the best movement possible in the market with proper risk management.

Fortune Futures Pack

Fortune Futures is for those clients who believe in less number of trades with high accuracy and bigger targets. Generally high volume traders believe in maximum number of trades in a day say 10, in which they make profit in 5 calls and lose in other 5, which results in unsatisfaction .You can try for the Sense of Quality and Cup of Satisfaction with our fortune future pack. TriFid recommends you to trade with a highly specialized expert research team who generate limited number of calls in highly potential stocks to get maximum returns with minimum number of trades. Specialty of Fortune Pack is the Stock Picks of the Day which includes the High Potential Stocks with refined technical patterns. In this specialist pack we chose only high volume and highly potential stock so our premium clients will never face any issue if they trade in huge quantity.