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Treselle Systems is an award winning, premier technology consulting firm in US with offices in India. We work with clients across industries to help build new software applications, integrate disparate technologies, and execute IT solutions.
Senior executives in Product Development, Engineering, IT, & Digital Marketing agencies look to Treselle Systems when:

Seeking a competitive advantage by building capabilities in newer technical areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Mobile where local talent is hard to find.
Constrained by limited budget that could seriously derail starting new and important technology initiatives.
They are under significant pressure to implement short-term projects that would require them to release the resources immediately after the project completion.
Embarrassed at the sight of long list of unfinished project requests submitted by other business or functional units.
They hate to be treated as just another account and want to take action to establish a serious ongoing business relationship with a technology services partner.
The only way for them to win new client business is to lower overall cost structure by augmenting resources from a competent technology partner.
It is stressful to assemble free lancers or consultants to complete a key project, which requires multiple part-time resources to cover diverse areas.
They are searching to hire talent outside their current competencies to execute technology solutions.
They are frustrated that their current outsourcing provider does not possess the depth and breadth of technical expertise to create and manage complex technology solutions.


Big Data

Over the past few years, businesses across all industries have been collecting massive amounts of data – be it machine, human, sensor, or smart device generated. In addition to these, businesses also have structured data in their enterprise legacy systems as well as in their traditional data stores. When you add social, web, and partner data on top, there is a rich trove of information that businesses can use to come up with meaningful and valuable insights – whether it is predictive analytics, targeted marketing, churn analytics, fraud detection, or others. Lately, newer technologies have come to the fore to help perform the analysis cost-effectively. We strongly believe that businesses that consider Big Data as a strategic corporate asset and methodically exploit it will thrive. The data is there and the technology and tools are available. The questions are: what to do, how to do, and where to start? We can help. For more than 24 months, one of our teams has been building a SaaS based Big Data application for one of our clients in the financial services industry in San Francisco, US. We have the experience, skills, and resources to turn your business data into business insights. Contact us.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been exploiting recent advances in software, networking, storage, and processor technologies with key characteristics: agility, cost (pay-as-you-go), multi-tenancy, scalability, elasticity, and sustainability. Cloud computing not only lowers power, people, and capital costs, but also provides resilience without redundancy. However, there are potential pitfalls in migrating applications to the cloud. Businesses need to think about security, compatibility with their current and future technology needs, data compliance, and potential costs. We have helped clients in a multitude of ways ranging from choosing specific applications to host, selection of cloud models, and the choice of right provider for the specific cloud service under consideration. We have the expertise to suit your needs – whether it is to provision infrastructure, migrate existing applications, build new applications, or manage scalability. Cloud computing is a new business model and has spawned new opportunities for businesses to grow quickly or control IT costs. The questions are: what to do, how to do, and where to start? We can help you.

Technology & Integration

Whether you are leading Engineering, IT, Product Development, or any other business function, we know that your business initiatives involve technology and integration quite a bit. Over time, executives will inevitably have to grapple with the decision to bring in change to their existing infrastructure, applications, and tools, and IT environment. This change not only requires a vision and budget, but also talented resources with a capacity to understand the current technology in place and execute the vision. We have helped executives accomplish change and execute their vision. Whether you’re trying to trim technology costs or radically implement major application changes, your infrastructure should support your organization’s business strategy. Technology and integration helps to structure, manage, and implement solutions that enhance your business processes, operation, and underlying technology assets to achieve business value. The questions are: what to do, how to do, and where to start? Over the years, through our consulting and implementation practice, we have gained insights into the challenges CxO’s face. We can help.


For years, the relational model has been the de facto option for data problems big and small. We don’t expect relational databases to fade away and they will continue to have a huge role in serving business’ needs. However, enterprises are emerging from the relational databases fog to discover alternate options, such as schema-less or alternate data structures, simple replication, high availability, horizontal scaling, and new query methods. It’s very important to remember that enterprises can solve most of their data challenges by one or a combination of multiple types of databases. The question is which database or combination of databases is best suitable for your problem space and usage patterns. We have the expertise across the spectrum of databases including relational, columnar, graph, search, document, and in-memory. We have executed a number of data management projects for several clients across a diverse set of industries and situations. This is a pivotal time in the database world. It is important to match the right database for the right data challenge. We can help.


There are more than two billion smartphone’s and tablet PC users worldwide. There is a growing expectation that everything and anything will be available as a mobile application. We can make information available at anytime, anywhere, on any platform to customers, prospects and our staff through mobile applications. Smart phones and tablet PCs can significantly increase the productivity of our staff. More organizations are benefiting from improving business processes by providing their users and staff with access to applications via their mobile devices, tablet, PCs etc. Treselle specializes in tailored mobile application solutions. We custom develop websites and applications suitable for mobile users. We directly target for IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry powered mobile devices.

UX/UI & Development

Web design influences people’s perception of a company. It represents uniqueness of the company, whether it is trustworthy, credible etc. Web designing acts as a promotion vehicle and brands the company, to optimize its business. HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the major strength of all our web design projects, and it’s of utmost importance that every site we develop be well organized, using the latest HTML and CSS standards. We use W3C standards to ensure good user experience, as well as lay the groundwork for optimal search engine exposure. In the world of web designers “Change” is the only term that is constant. In today’s technology world, each day arise with a new technology and the way people perceive the web evolves rapidly. We will help you run the race with unique, qualitative and innovative designs that suits your pocket.

Quality Assurance

Testing is a fundamental component of Software Development Life Cycle and requires specialized skills, processes, tools, and a tighter integration with the development team. However, designing, following, and managing a structured test process is a challenge for most businesses. Whether you are leading R&D, IT, or Product Management division, our experience has been that testing or QA often is considered as an afterthought. Not that you want it that way but usually other activities take higher priority or garner bigger proportion of the budget. This could result in serious quality issues that could hurt all the hard work and focused effort the developers invested in the first place. We strongly believe that testing should be part of the development process and should not come at the end of development or as an afterthought.

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