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Company Profile

Transcell Technical Services is a fast growing telecommunication company, actively involved in different telecommunication and Infrastructure projects. Over the years Transcell Communication has earned a reputation of providing quality services to meet requirements of major telecom players.

The company has been achieved by taking special care in bringing resources with appropriate skills for required projects. Today Transcell Technical services have reached the critical mass, from where it is ideally suited to provide boundless service in major areas of telecom technology. With its strong presence in Indian telecommunication market and a growth rate of over 100% per annum, Transcell Communications today employs over 60 telecom personals.

Additionally it has access to a larger pool of resources thru flexible hiring policy. At TC, we offer complete end-to-end telecom network related services for the operators. Our service solutions are based on satisfying customer business objectives, supporting workflow, integration with 3rd party systems, data extensibility, and user functionality.

We pride ourselves on offering GSM and Microwave wireless network planning and optimization service for both large and small deployments. We have installed BTS of different suppliers like NOKIA, ERICSSON, HUAWEI Technologies, LUCENT Technologies to name a few. As the management takes keen interest in all the projects, this strategy has helped us to take more projects and to develop a better relationship with clients.

We have the team of experienced telecom professionals in the field of GSM network to provide best service in the market.