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We are an ever-growing string of pearls giving star value.

We have in the past built and continue to build a series of nodes of engineering solutions. Each node is a “pearl” in the string, enhancing the overall value of the Tooltech group. Our company is a string of all companies ("pearls"). We combine multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary talents, partners; multicultural and multilocated teams, to create the best of complimentary strengths. This gives "star value" to our customers.

We offer an unconventional outsourcing model.

Our Mix Model seamlessly combines International and Indian engineering services. The client has the flexibility to choose a relevant combination of services. This helps clients reduce overall development costs without comprimising iterative needs, critical to development projects.

We support the local economy.

We help bring down the cost and increase the pace of innovation. Faster, cheaper state of the art products, keep our customers competitive. We are also an investor and employer in local economies, where clients want us to be.

We have helped many international clients gain competitive advantage with our services.

The German and Swedish automotive industries were amongst the first to use our, 'MIX MODEL' for their R&D since the beginning of 2000. Since the recession, there has been a resurgence in acceptance and implementation of our pioneering model.

We deliver more.

We work to form long term partnerships with each client. We aim to find the best and most innovative solutions.

We offer all our partners an opportunity for growth.

As a part of the Tooltech Group, strong local and niche expertise firms, willing to internationalise their sourcing, in Europe are able to extend their client base and the scope of services that they offer. They are thus able to assume responsibility for larger scale projects and extend their market beyond Europe. We offer partnership programmes, wherein we combine individual strengths, to do more together. The "string of pearls" approach means employees have scope for personal and professional growth across industries and geographies.


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Simulation and F.E Analysis

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