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Company Profile

Background :

The significant growth of the Indian economy, a changing demography, rising urban population and socio-economic developments have all contributed to the increasing demand for commercial energy. Meeting this demand is an enormous challenge for the power equipment industry, but it is also an opportunity. With the Indian power ministry’s resolution of “Power for all by 2012” taken in 2002, as well as the Electricity Act of 2003, the power industry opened up from the confines of the Central and State governments, and facilitated the entry of the private sector.

About Us :

Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions Private Limited (TBWES) was formed to fulfill India’s need for quality power at optimum cost, by manufacturing subcritical and supercritical boilers, the preferred technologies for thermal power generation.

A joint venture between Thermax Limited, Pune, India and Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc., USA, TBWES was registered under the Companies Act 1956 on 26th June, 2010 and a license agreement was signed between the two companies on 18th August 2010. This license covers transfer of technical know-how pertaining to design and engineering, manufacturing and installation of Subcritical Boilers of capacity 1000 TPH (300 MW) and above and the full range of Supercritical Boilers.

The manufacturing plant is located about 50 kms from Pune in Maharashtra on the Mumbai-Bangalore national highway (NH4), about 160 kms from the J.N.P.T Sea Port and 210 kms from the Bombay Port Trust. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped to manufacture Supercritical and Subcritical boilers with an annual capacity of 3000 MW and provisions for an expansion up to 5000 MW.


Subcritical Boilers

Range :

Capacity: 1000 TPH to 3175 TPH
Pressure: Subcritical
SH and RH Temperature: Up to 585°C


B&W has extensive worldwide experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing more than 700 Radiant Boilers up to 900 MW.

B&W’s Radiant Boilers, Carolina Type (RBC) and El Paso Type (RBE) incorporate natural circulation which takes advantage of the density difference between water in the down-comers and the steam/water mixture in the furnace tubes to provide cooling flow in these tubes. With natural circulation, no pumps are required, so auxiliary power requirements are reduced and availability is improved.

The RBC is designed to fire pulverized coal. The RBE is designed to fire natural gas and/or oil, blast furnace gas and combustible by-product gases.

Supercritical Boilers

Range :

Capacity: No lower or upper limit, largest B&W PGG to date is 4535 TPH
Pressure: Supercritical
SH and RH Temperature: No upper limit, highest to date is 620°C

Benefits :

B&W has extensive worldwide experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing more than 90 supercritical boilers.
B&W installed the first supercritical boiler in the world in 1957 and supplied the largest single unit boiler ever built (1300 MW). 9 such units have been installed by B&W to date.
A spiral furnace design provides better heat transfer and variable pressure operation.

Low NOx Combustion Systems

B&W low NOx combustion systems offer an advanced design and rugged construction for proven performance and superior reliability. Our low NOx burner technology has been successfully applied to a broad range of units (more than 132,000 MW; over 9,000 burners) with varying fuel characteristics and boiler arrangements.

DRB-XCL® Low NOx PC-Fired Burner


Proven performance
Superior mechanical reliability and operation
Rugged construction, integrated design
Complete shop assembly, ready for installation
Plug-in design
New or retrofit applications

XCL-S® Low NOx Oil and Gas Burner


Proven performance with more than 11,000 MW of experience
Demonstrated low NOx reductions greater than 90% depending on burner arrangement and equipment supply
Lower CO emissions
Demonstrated low NOx emissions with and without the use of overfire air (OFA) and/or flue gas recirculation (FGR)
Superior flame stability and burner turndown
Improved excess air control
On-line adjustability to optimize performance
Low-cost plug-in design

Dual Air Zone NOx Port (Overfire Air System)

As part of an overall NOx reduction strategy, B&W’s overfire air systems can be combined with other low NOx technologies such as burners and selective catalytic reduction systems.


Dual zone ports for optimized emission reductions
Heavy-duty design well suited for extreme utility boiler conditions
On-line adjustability provides means to minimize NOx emissions

Roll Wheel Pulverizers

Using an optimized design, reserve capacity and proprietary wear materials, B&W pulverizers set the standard for high availability, reliability and low maintenance.

Type: Vertical, air-swept roll-and-race
Design Features:

Loading system allows independent radial movement of each roller; maintains design performance with up to 40% weight loss of roll wheel tires; stationary or variable speed rotating dual stage classifiers; removable gear drive

Capacity: 15 – 104 TPH


Requires minimal internal inspections
Maintains fineness and capacity throughout the lifespan of the grinding elements
Requires a minimum number of replacement parts
Allows for easy maintenance through a single, large access door
Includes capabilities to manually or automatically change the spring loading and/or coal fineness
Utilizes advanced wear and erosion protection.
Accepts and grinds a wide variety of coal types


Thermax Engineering Construction Company (TECC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thermax Limited, offering a full range of field construction and management services for power plant boilers. TECC understands the ground realities of green field projects even in remote territories in India and have the resources and capabilities to meet the challenges of demanding delivery targets while ensuring quality and cost effectiveness. Safety is the guiding principle of the site construction management in order to maintain the highest level of safety and quality during construction. We have a comprehensive Safety Manual and all our activities are controlled by the same.

Renovation and Retrofit

B&W has always kept pace with the ever-developing steam generation technology and is at the forefront of the world in the state of the art practices. This translates into a huge advantage for our clients as they in turn stay ahead by being able to improve the performance of their existing equipments and plant facilities through our renovation and retrofit services. In the process, they can also significantly extend the life of their equipment.


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TBWES signs MoU with Government of Maharashtra
TBWES signs MoU with Government of Maharashtra