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The BIM Group has established itself as a leading multinational services provider, facilitating the need for customised services. Our services range from Production drafting to Software Development & Customisation; however, we are not limited to these services alone
We are servicing clients across a range of engineering and IT segments helping improve their efficiency and improve their competitiveness.

Our growth is driven by our ability to demonstrate Transparency, Quality & Teamwork, through our model and willingness to share all our costing, training processes & commitments with our clients.
Our productivity is treated with the utmost importance resulting in uncompromised Quality! This can NOT be achieved without the co-operation of our Teams who work 24 hours a day, relentlessly & fully committed to our clients!

We're not some big, fancy corporation; we're an ever-growing service provider. That growth is in both size and in mind. We strive to always be better, if not the very best. That's where you come into the picture.
Our goal is to provide a rewarding, equality-based and friendly work place. We are committed to building long and enduring relationships with our employees and to creating an environment that rewards and empowers. Our mission is to constantly exceed our employees' expectations in the same way that we strive to exceed our clients' expectations. We offer an environment that respects diversity, celebrates innovation and helps you to achieve a good balance between your professional and personal life

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