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We at Telecom Gateway are part of a team intending at providing Telecommunication Engineering Services.

The company provides wireless solutions including RF Planning, Design and Optimizations, Operation and Maintenance, Transmission Access Network Planning and Implementation, Distributed Antenna systems, Project consulting and innumerable other technical supports for the Telecommunications industry.

Our team has collectively worked on various access technologies including GSM, UMTS, GPRS, HSDPA, CDMA-1xRTT, EV-DO, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE

Our professional attitude towards work and first class engineering resources enable us to meet our clients need and expectation within cost, quality and time. With this vision we aspire to be the revolution in the industry by producing measurable and substantial benefits.


Radio Network Planning

A critical component for successful design, deployment and expansion of broadband wireless networks is RF Planning. Legitimate RF planning is indispensable to provide the users with the best possible performance and availability. Effective planning is made feasible through a meticulous process of survey, analysis, system-wide technology parameters definition and radio resource frequency allocation. The cell network planning model caters the highest level of detail necessary to predicate the number of base station sites required and also aiming to preserve the valuable spectrum resources while delivering the required services to all sites.

Radio Network Optimisation

Radio network traffic is predominantly dynamic and with the currently present value added service options, people want to communicate with their folks seamlessly and effortlessly. This requires the mobile networks to handle high data rates with not much hackles. The pressure is mounting on mobile operators to deliver high data traffic throughput's demanded by the subscribers. There are new technologies that promise higher spectral efficiency, which are the solutions for operators. But, to make this a successful strategy, attention must also be paid to the existing Radio Access Network’s performance. With the help of Telecom Gateway’s Radio Network Optimization service, we will provide you with the best performance strategy for your network. Radio network optimization is aimed to improve the performance of the network with existing resources. Our goal is to make better use of the existing network resources, to solve existing and potential problems and to identify possible solutions for future planning. Through our Radio Network Optimization service, the quality and resources usage of the network are greatly improved to achieve a balance between coverage, capacity and quality.

In Building Solutions (IBS)

In-Building Solution (IBS) provides indoor coverage using a series of hubs/Equipment's distributing the signal to number of antennas. The IBS gives additional leverage to strengthen the quality of wireless Signals, hence assures smooth wireless communication for PDAs, Lap-tops and mobile phones. Our in-building Solution offers the users with the best indoor coverage and quality. We optimize the indoor network in the best possible way to avoid call drops and eliminating mobile ping- pong. We put in our efforts to obtain signals from diverse sites and for this case operators choose to use a Micro BTS site instead implementing a Macro Site. Signals from a micro site BTS site are distributed through ca-axial lines and DAS (Distributed-Antenna-System). Telecom Gateway delivers top quality services with an error-free network.

Network Benchmarking

Network benchmarking provides the operator how their network is performing in relation to its peers. It shows them how good/bad their respective networks are. It is one of the most fundamental and important procedure towards optimization. Network benchmarking is the starting foot towards the betterment of the network. Here at Telecom Gateway we offer benchmarking services according to every need of the clients. But, overall the entire process revolves around a set of prime indicators based on which the services are performed. These indicators are called KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

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