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The Corporation is actively expanding production capacity for thermal insulation materials, helping to improve the energy efficiency of the building complex.
In 2006 in Ryazan launched a complex for the production of basalt insulation the largest in the CIS - "Plant TECHNO" with total area of ??300 thousand sq. M. m. The construction of the stone wool factory in Ryazan was one of the most promising projects of the company TekhnoNIKOL and allowed her not only to strengthen its position as one of the biggest insulation manufacturers, but also to become one of the leaders in this segment of the Russian market. On 3 production lines, the company produces more than 3 million cubic meters. m basalt insulation.
In response to growing market demand TekhnoNIKOL starts production and supply of extruded polystyrene branded TECHNOPLEX. Permission to use two plants with a total capacity of 600 thousand. Cubic meters. m per year providing a significant share of the builders of the need for heat-insulating material having high strength and near zero water absorption.
In 2007, the Corporation includes the largest in the Far East and Siberia manufacturer of heat-insulating building materials of stone wool factory "Bazalit-DV." Following the modernization of the company, leading its history since 1964, it begins to manufacture products under the brand name TECHNONICOL. The company constantly improve the production technology, will improve methods of input control to the raw materials (grain size, pH module, humidity). In addition, the plant is expanding the range of products, including through the issuance of a wide range of thermal and acoustic insulation for private housing.
In October 2007 in Zainsk starts "Plant TECHNO", built in the Republic of Tatarstan in order to meet consumer demand and providing innovative solutions to improve the quality of construction. In the shops of two high-tech production lines of power which today set is 2300 thousand. Cubic meters. m basalt insulation.
In 2008, in the town of Yurga Kemerovo region was put into operation built with the "zero cycle" branch stone wool "Plant TekhnoNIKOL-Siberia". Located in the city plant is environmentally safe production, equipped with its own water purification systems and air as well as the installation of waste treatment that can utilize up to 150 tons per day. Over the last 5 years the production of stone wool plant has grown more than 200%. Due to investments, improvement of the production units, the introduction of the basics of lean manufacturing enterprise managed to fully meet the requirements of thermal insulation based on stone wool in the Siberian region.
Due to the successful implementation of investment projects in the period from 2006 to 2008 TekhnoNIKOL Corporation we are one of three leaders of the Russian market of thermal insulation materials.
In February 2008, the company TekhnoNIKOL built and launched the first factory in Russia full-cycle production of polymer membranes LOGICROOF - modern tech waterproofing materials, are always in demand in the segment of pre-fabricated buildings.