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Technooyster is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Pune creating a strong presence in the digital medium since 2011. Our specialization includes: social web, mobile devices, content networks, web technology, communities and platforms. Driven with a passion to help our business partners we have helped them to create exclusive strategies, activate and execute integrated digital marketing solutions and thereby helping them to enhance their company’s growth and revenue. As one of the best SEO firms in Pune we have evolved along with the digital revolution and adapted into a multifaceted company with deep domain knowledge and experience.



Today SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become an important revenue generation tool. although SEO is usually associated with backlinks, keyword counts from the Page Rank websites; it also aims at improving and enhancing the visibility of your website by delivering authentic and useful content and drawing profitable customers via organic search results.

Content Marketing

We define Content Marketing as “an optimal method of managing content to achieve the marketing goals of reaching targeting audiences and converting them into potential audiences.”

Paid Search

Pay per click (PPC) is an internet advertising model which is used to target your clients and direct traffic to your websites. Also known as cost per click, it is considered to be the easiest way to directly target your clients online wherein the advertisers pay the website owner or publisher when the ad is clicked.


In the world of internet, there has been a shift towards user-generated information wherein individuals listen more to people than to the traditional sources. Marketing is not about the products and services that you make, but it is a medium wherein you portray your brand and products. Technooyster one of the best website design company in Pune uses this innovative and cost effective tool that can help to perfectly captivate your targeted audience and thereby build upon lasting relationships.

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