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Company Profile

SZI Technologies Pvt Ltd is a global service provider of what we term as technology driven business solutions, attaining the accurate strategic business requirements of all its clients. Delivering the information technology, entire management consulting and even outsourcing services, This company basically assists its clients to leverage the industry-wide experience, along with technology expertise business model to do better business.
With an employee base of over 500 employees, the company is incorporating within itself a strong leadership experience. We are indeed committed to convey an authentic business value and sustainability to our clients through the usage technology interventions to assist them become all the more responsive to the changing business needs.

The Growth Story:

We are a young organization that has recently started in the year 2010; SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an eligible company with years of acknowledgement in this particular genre.

The Leadership:

Our management and the entire leadership team have extensive experience all across the various domains including operations, tech support, marketing, branding, and even customer experience.

The owner of the organization Sayed Zafar Imam is based in Kolkata, is a professional in the genre of business development. He is a veteran who has acquired a signature of authentic professionalism, within a period of 4 years with his launch of SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He represents a wide array of accuracy and industrial knowledge. Indeed a recognized as a successful fulltime experienced professional.

Having a complete long record of successful career, he is actually dedicated in endowing highest quality service possible. Acknowledgement of the ethics of business and operation management, he has proved to be an asset to all his clients.

Indeed a wide range of experience of working in a fast upscale environment, at the same time assuring client with all sorts of premium solutions, Sayed Zafar Imam is definitely a true man of specialization and seemliness. He specializes in applying his both his proficiency and even the marketing acquaintance in the genre of business development, along with continuously exceeding the accurate speculation of his goals.

It is his strategic planning and being a consistent leader, that he has gained some unparallel professional track record to contribute his 100%.


Digital Marketing Mix

The world has gone digital and to stay in the race, you must go digital as well. With services like digital marketing mix, you can give your brand a stronghold and influence people to become your clients. What all are included in digital marketing mix? This is a specialized service which consists of website optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing, online reputation management, content marketing and various other activities. If you really want make some global business impact and get huge traffic to your website, you must opt for such a specialized service and be the winner. With a perfect digital marketing mix strategy you can get your website appear in the front page of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The good thing about such a tailor made service is that each and every activity performed complement each other to get the maximum output of your investment. It is a kind of complete digital marketing package under one roof. The greatest advantage of such a service is that you stay connected with your prospects and clients through various online marketing campaigns like social media promotions, online ads and blogs.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation Management is a specialized service which helps in branding. If you are struggling hard to pull down all the bad reviews against your business, such a customized service will help in making people aware of your brand, the services you offer and your dedication towards your customers through online reviews and feedback. Good and genuine reviews are posted in leading online review or listing sites which are mostly visited by people when they look for any particular service or product or a company as a whole. Online reputation management or what we call in short, ORM, helps in boosting your brand reputation among millions of online customers and make them aware of your company and services you offer. Generally positive reviews are posted in leading directories and listing sites to combat all the false and negative reviews posted. ORM can help your business to get proper acknowledgment and recognition from people across the globe thus making your company a global one. So, if you want your company to be rated high, do opt for professional online reputation management services now.

Responsive Web Design and Development

If don’t want your website to be penalized by leading search engine Google, then you must make your website a responsive one. Today, almost every people use smartphones and they use them to access internet and view websites. So, it is essential to make every website viewable in mobile phones as well. It is time to say good bye to only desktop versions. Today’s websites have to be responsive as they must be viewable from not only desktops or laptops but also in mobile devices and tablets. Irrespective of screen size and resolution, a responsive website can be viewed easily and aptly without design or content misalignment. You can get the most sophisticated and modern website completed by a leading web design company where the design team works to create some of the most impressive responsive websites, nicely designed and content rich. Since a website acts as a mirror that reflects your company values and ethics, it is really important to keep it modern, informative and smartly coded. This is important to have a nicely developed website to impress online traffic and boost sales.


Telecommunication can be a speciality for any company. It is in fact a vast domain and requires a good domain expertise which can offer specialized services to global clients. Telecommunication helps in branding, selling and providing customer support to clients all across the world. Adhering to global standards and procedures you can provide inbound and outbound telecommunication services to sell services and products or let your customers know about your business and services. Skilled professionals called telemarketers or customer care executives are generally hired to support this system and it a separate quality team is assigned to monitor every call they made or attend to ensure they don’t make fake statements. Telecommunication helps in branding and sales a lot. So, if you want to boost your sales and increase your profit margin, you can easily opt for such a B2C service and create global business impact. Telecommunication solutions are generally provided for data driven outcome, cost effective solutions and both B2B and B2C oriented marketing. Use effectively all your valuable resources and implement smart marketing strategies to make telecommunication a useful marketing tool.

BPO or BPM Services

Business Process Outsourcing can be really an effectual cost saving strategy which when utilized properly cab reap great outcome for any business. Outsourcing means you save a lot of your operational cost along with costs involved in human resources, maintenance and miscellaneous activities. BPO services work paramount when adhered to all quality standards. Several quality parameters are followed to monitor performance of every employee so that the end product or service is delivered with 99.99% accuracy if not 100%. Outsourcing can help in innovative work and augment the quality of production. The good thing about outsourcing is that you can avail unmatched quality service with zero defects or errors that too at a low cost. Generally BPO services are offered using new-fangled and modern tools, advanced software, top quality headsets, ergonomic office tools and high-speed Internet connection. This is why most companies are inclining to outsource their business to cut cost to company and yield more profit.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is perhaps the smartest tool used in the genre of digital marketing. The process involves in lot of activities which help in getting more and more online visibility. There are myriad techniques and smart tools which are used to promote businesses online. Some of the key processes include: Website Analysis Keywords Research & Analysis Website Optimization Search Engine Optimization Directory Submissions Content Development & Promotion SEO is in fact an amalgamation of processes which help business websites to appear in the front page of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The process involves in promoting certain business or service specific keywords and phrases in every possible way so that when people search with those terms can view websites of companies providing services that matched with the search terms. SEO professionals have to have a firm knowledge about Google Analytics and AdWords as well as Search Engine Console to run every SEO project with perfection. SEO boosts organic ranking and hence more and more businesses, small or big, are investing a lot on search engine optimization and marketing. Google certified professionals using smart SEO tools can fetch good organic results for businesses with genuine online traffic on board.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization, better termed as SMO is the next big digital marketing strategy. It is a perfect combination of SEO and social media. SMO helps in sharing all updates and news about events, products and services in various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Delicious, Digg and various other networks. Create interesting contents like blog or PPT presentations, videos, graphics or images and then share in various social media networks. It is the best platform to interact with people all over the glove and stay connected. Different techniques are generally used in social media optimization. Some of them would include:  Social Profile Creation & Listing  Social Bookmarking  Blogging  Image Sharing  Content Sharing  Video Sharing  Audio File Sharing  Questions & Answers  Quiz Contests  Polls  RSS Feed Promotion Set up a social media profile and start building communities. You have to regularly post or share something with fresh and genuine content in any form. Implement smart marketing tactics with hashtags, shares and interaction. To get better outcome of your SMO campaign, you may opt for paid campaigns as well. Only trained SMO experts can handle big projects and increase likes and shares in the most professional way.

Mobile App Development

In our day, almost every business has presence in the form of a mobile application. Mobile apps are effective tools to get into the undiscovered areas of people and help interacting even from the most implausible sources. Today, from cab booking to online shopping and payment, everything is done so perfectly and meticulously using smart mobile apps. With mobile app development, the software and app development industry is flourishing as they are working to meet up people’s demand and the increase of smartphone users. With smart mobile apps you can have the entire world in your palm. With a single tap on your mobile phone you can perform a lot of works in just a few moments. Get custom iOS app or Android app with fully secured backup system and be the winner. Key deliverables in the field of mobile app development are: • On time delivery • Time to time updates • Creating stringent backup system From restaurants to taxi companies, every sort of businesses are focusing on developing smart mobile application to ensure the entire workflow becomes smooth, easy and consume lesser time than before. Mobile app development has opened up a new section of opportunities to budding software engineers and programmers and this is a great sign for professionals associated with this work type across the globe.

E-Commerce Solution

If you want to boost your online sales and make online shopping easier than ever, then you must opt for complete e-commerce solution. Get the most perfect e-commerce website and get your products displayed on the online portal. Specialized web developers need to be hired to create smart e-commerce websites with advanced features to ensure buyers don’t face difficulties in navigating the online catalogs and pick the products they wish to pay for. Customized e-commerce solutions can boost every online marketer to grab attention of potential customers. Designing and coding plays a vital role in developing e-commerce websites. Hence it is really important that every work is done under strict supervision of highly experienced website developers and designers. One thing is really important that even if you get a high-end e-commerce website you might not get customer visits unless it is well optimized. Hence to boost your online sales, you must have a smart e-commerce website first and then get it optimized by experienced SEO professionals. Then only you can expect good outcome of your investment.

Local Marketing

Google Places for Business Listings is one of the easiest ways to list a business or company in Google. This is one local marketing tactic which has helped millions of businesses to get organic results and boost their sales in just a couple of days. These results are based on trust score for each business that Google initially reported. With recent changes in trends of searches performed, Google Places has developed into a complete source for businesses to generate high end organic traffic. It is also a cost effective source of generating new customers over the Internet rather than going by any other advertising means. Google Local Optimization also known today as GPO has become quite well-known today. It is one of vital listings for businesses that guarantee a profitable return. Local marketing helps in getting your business listed locally and ranked locally. You can list your business as per the location and type of business and share the submission link in various online directories to get more visibility. Benefits of Local Marketing in today’s time: o Searchers rely on Google listing and hence when people would see your business listing locally they will definitely show their interest to visit your website and can turn out to be your customers. o Local marketing offers you the cost effective solutions to get more genuine traffic. o It is easy to rank keywords or websites through local listings without zero investment.


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