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Company Profile

Synergy is the subsea and offshore inspection and construction specialist for the global energy construction companies. Its primary business is providing deep sea diving services through worldwide region.

Synergy provides structural pre-engineering & construction survey, LBL metrology, repair, installation of subsea riser, spool Piece tie-in, I/J-tube, clamps, as well as pipeline and cable support and protection services by free span correction method.

Synergy, now a privately held company, was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Dubai U.A.E where Its specialist subsea and offshore engineering equipment is located for rapid deployment in key energy producing areas worldwide.

To deliver its services worldwide, Synergy has a work force of highly qualified and experienced engineers backed by the company’s trained offshore personnel.

The company is not simply an Underwater Diving Organization, but a group of underwater specialist, who can provide all aspects of Underwater Engineering and Project Management as well as the more routine diving services .

Our main strengths are our flexibility and our ability to deliver projects safely, on time and to the best possible quality. Synergy offers a professional, prompt, efficient and competitive services from the seabed until the highest point of an offshore structure. From the bottom to top, Synergy can offer a wide range of services to the Oil & Gas Industry.



♦ Offshore Construction Support. ♦ Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Laying & Shore End Landing.

♦ Subsea pipeline Support Work.

♦ SBM and SPM Maintenance work. ♦ Underwater NDT Work of Jack up Rigs & Offshore Installations.

♦ Diving Equipment Rentals.

♦ Civil Construction Support Works. ♦ Observation Class & Work Class ROV Support Works.

♦ Air Diving.

♦ Surface Supply Mix Gas Diving. ♦ Highly Trained Work Force of IMCA approved Divers & Technicians.

♦ Saturation Diving.

♦ ROV Operations. ♦ Onshore Underwater Vessel Inspection & Engineering work.

♦ Survey & Positioning.