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Company Profile

Sunanda Specialty Coatings Pvt. Ltd. (SSCPL) is the flagship company of the ‘Sunanda Group’. Thirty Five years ago, in 1979, the need to start this company to manufacture ‘construction chemicals’ was felt by the promoters of SUNANDA. They had a vision to manufacture the best and most innovative construction chemicals in India, which could be successfully used worldwide.

Contractors, direct consumers, builders and developers were very happy to use these products that assured them guaranteed success in their projects and endeavors. These satisfied customers’ strongly recommended SUNANDA’S products to others and as a result the company has grown by a great extent over the past 32 years.

The most user-friendly products, excellent pre-sales technical guidance coupled with post-sale technical support, and confidence of the users/applicators that we have solutions to any type of construction related problems through the use of SUNANDA products, have always given us an added advantage.

Ceaseless in-house R&D efforts, continuous and extensive quality control, constant interactions with technical experts both on-site and off-site and the continuous efforts, by the company’s research team to increase their knowledge by participating in international conferences, exhibitions and academic programs have become the four most important contributing factors to the status and success that SUNANDA enjoys today, both in India and abroad.

Apart from our own in-house quality management systems, ISO systems have been made an integral part of our organization at every level and even today SUNANDA is the only construction chemicals company in India to have an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for ‘research and development’. With these strengths, our professionally managed company has weathered global competition consequent to liberalization by the Government of India and has become a major exporter of construction chemicals to numerous international markets.

Our corporate headquarters are located in central Mumbai along with main offices in south and west Mumbai. In addition, we have satellite offices in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Panjim (Goa) and Chennai. Our ISO accredited production facilities including quality control centers and R&D facilities are located at three independent facilities in the heart of three major industrial belts in Maharashtra, India.

In the years to come, we at SUNANDA pledge to endeavor to serve our clients through our highest standards of products and services and ensure their ultimate satisfaction!


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