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Constituted in the year 1994 as Moja Shoes Pvt. Ltd, SSIPL has taken giant leaps of success to become what it is today… "THE BRAND HUB". The marathon to achieve the ultimate goal started in 1995, when the SSIPL Group laid down its first footwear-manufacturing unit at Kundli, Haryana. In 1996, the group was the first in India to start footwear manufacturing for Nike. Sierra Industrial Enterprise Private Limited (Group Company), Later on merged with SSIPL Retail Limited was also instrumental in introducing the brand NIKE to India as an exclusive licensee in the year 1995. SSIPL ventured into organized retailing in the year 1998 by setting up the first exclusive Nike store at South Extension, New Delhi.

historyThis feat was followed by many more successful partnerships with key International brands in the Indian market such as Levi's, Puma, Benetton, Lotto, & Clarks. Consolidating further, the group has also launched its own footwear brands, namely Cobblerz, Shoetree, Sports Station and Mmojah. Armedwith organized retailing expertise, the group has also established three categories of in-house "Concept Retail Stores", viz., Value Station, Shoetree and Sports Station.

history Today, we believe us to be one of the leading companies having more than a couple of decades' experience across the varied verticals of Manufacturing & distribution. Along with it from past 18 years we are carrying on organized retail for a number of internationally established sports and lifestyle brands present in the Indian Market. We have partnered with various leading global brands such as Nike, Puma, Lotto, Levi's, Clarks and United Colors of Benetton across the retail and manufacturing spheres. We also retail certain in-house brands such as Mmojah and Cobblerz. We are also operational as specialty retailers for a number of premium international sports and lifestyle brands in the country. We have a noted presence, in sports and lifestyle products, in more than 99 cities marked with over 300 operational stores.