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South Eastern Roadways and the Road Transport Corporation (SER/RTC), part of the Group SER today has a network of over 250 branches spread across the subcontinent connected through IT and Communication to serve its customers in the areas of logistic operations. It is well realised that information is power; more so in the trucking business, when the customer needs to know the status of the goods.

The Corporate office, Zonal offices, Area offices and Hubs are connected with Internet. Group SER firmly believes in the power of information technology and use state-of-the- art technologies to keep up with latest developments.

Group SER has been in the forefront of this vital service industry for the last 4 decades. From the conventional communication system and the transport mechanisms that left much to be desired, Group SER is rapidly progressing towards harnessing the latest in technology to assist their clients in commanding their resources and improving overall productivity.

Driven by a motivated management with the strong backing of the entire team, Group SER goal in the millennium is clear, i.e. "To become a customer driven organization achieving high levels of reliability, responsiveness and quality assurance through innovative management practices".

The group has become a pioneer in the areas of contemporary logistic operations. Our zest for quality has made us go for ISO 9001:2000 accreditation making us the first general cargo transport operators to be ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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